Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weathering the Humidity

Yesterday morning I had on a tank with a cashmere cardigan on over it, because it was cooler.  But by the afternoon when I was supposed to meet G it was horribly hot and humid.  So off came the cardigan, and on went a too big but I can't give it up bolero/shrug.  It's cotton, and meant to fit more tightly, but I like it fine looser.  But the front can gape, showing it's size, so I took a vintage brooch and pinned it closed. Voila!  Cooler and looked nice enough when I was introduced to guys from G's work after their workout.  My pie I sent yesterday was apparently a big hit!
In a French style basket on my lap to work.
Tank:  Fluttery neckline one from Old Navy
Shrug: Old Navy from a few years ago
Brooch:  Vintage
Handbag:  Gerard Darel
Scarf:  Vintage from my grandmama
Jeans:  Banana Republic
Flats:  Gap, last year (I wish I had bought a half dozen pairs!)
*This was taken at nearly midnight last night, so I was whoa tired!


  1. Love the brooch solution on the bolero. It looks so chic!

  2. oh, what a pie!

    Girl, you look positively smashing. (As always) What a fabulous woman you are. Bringing homemade pie and taking time with your clothing.

    Sei meravigliosa!