Wednesday, September 22, 2010


First, as I went to post this I realized that I seemed to have lost a follower after my post last night which has to be the oddest thing ever.  Call me perplexed as to what I possibly could have said to offend someone!  But anyhoo, onto the real post!

I have had enough.  This relationship has gone on too long.  In fact, I think it might possibly qualify as abusive and yet I kept going back.  But enough is enough.  I'm over it, through, fini.  

I threw my scale in the trash today.  
Honestly, we were never the best of friends.  When I liked the numbers I didn't trust it, and when I didn't I felt so low.  I kept saying that I needed to focus on how my clothes fit and for the past 6 months I've done mainly that.  But I realized the other day that even though my clothes fit well, and I felt okay beforehand, after deciding to weigh myself I was nearly in tears.  Which sucks.  So today I made the decision to just throw it out.  

And no, I didn't donate it.  It was a cheap scale that has never been as accurate as the one at the gym, and honestly I didn't feel like contributing to someone else's low self-esteem.  I am sure there are people out there whose weight is a health risk and they need them, but for the most part I think scales should not be in homes.  They quickly become an obsession (I used to weigh myself every time I went in the bathroom.).  They are pretty much evil little self-esteem suckers.  

Have you ever considered throwing yours out?  What is stopping you?


  1. I have! And we have TWO sets - one with a dial like yours which my husband 'brought to the relationship' and a fancy electronic one which my mum bought me for my birthday when I did WW ages ago. How screwed up do we sound, with two scales!

    I'd happily get rid of them or at least put them in a cupboard somewhere (that's how decluttering works, right?) but my husband likes to keep a track of his weight. I've just been ignoring them and going by how my clothes fit for the most part.

    Don't be bummed by a lost follower. People move on for many reasons. I don't do the follower thing, but in my Google Reader I have regular weedouts. Sometimes when it gets overwhelming I delete all the subscriptions and start again.

  2. I got rid of mine a few months ago and don't miss it.

  3. Kaylee, il mia amore, I hear this everyday; sometimes twice, thrice...
    I have maintained from the git go: Do not fault your scale nor your body. Be impassive. Please my love, you must help me in my endeavor to shift our minds away from this number!

    So many years (generations) of imbedded dictate on the scale number has left your (my) generation shell shocked with this measure over our biological and unique selves.

    You are so beautiful and slim, it darn near P O's (oh, here I go again!) me off when I see the most gorgeous of the bunch having any discomfort because of a number.

    You are better and smarter than the media driven dribble of the number's game. Please join ranks and do not hate your scale. Make friends with it. It is simply a tool to measure you weight. Not your beauty or brilliance!

    Pull your old gal out and do not step on her for a few days. The moon will wane and so will that number!


  4. I just read "I Wish" and I see so much of myself there. Ahhh, you are getting to an age of wisdom. These are very wise and wonderful words. Thank you for being you.

  5. Guy's perspective...I have a medical balance scale. I use it to track. I have a vague weight in mind but I really use it to make sure that I resupply my body appropriately in biking season and out. It is a really shift from calorie burning when the season is over and if i don't I balloon. That being is just a number and really means damn little unless you let it.

  6. Congrats! I should really do the same, but the postpartum weight loss journey is still a long one....

    I hope (and bet that) you will be much happier!

  7. Good for you! Focusing on the fit is so much better! Now if I could just learn to ignore the numbers on the sizes I buy - that would be a great step too!

  8. A Waist is a terrible thing to mind.
    We own no scale, and I refuse to have one in our residence. Good for you!

  9. I haven't had a scale since college, and with losing the scale I lost my self-hate. I was obsessed over every pound and my life was all about that number I put in my mind that was the only number that would make me happy.

    I almost didn't do weight watchers because of the weekly weigh-ins. Prior to that the only time I ever got weighed was for the yearly health assessment at work. I feel that I finally can handle the weekly weigh-ins without obsession, but I will never again allow a scale in my home. :)