Wednesday, September 8, 2010


What we had while at home that I'm currently craving:
Sushi!  Spicy salmon roll with flying fish roe, striped bass, octopus, and mackerel.  That and spicy crab salad and onion soup while drinking green tea made a delicious respite.
Zebra cone!  Seriously, my favorite soft serve ice cream and I make time to go whenever we're home!

Food we've cooked since home:
Yummy bacon with pancakes (made with half whole wheat) and maple syrup.  Made the pancakes on a cast iron griddle and immediately got the non-stick pan out to toss.  
This went along with the potato bacon soup I made the same night I made pancakes (for next day...prepped ahead).  French bread, brie and yummy orange tomato.

And we just finished a simple dinner of escargot in butter with garlic and parsley eaten with brie and french bread.  G cooked it!  Other than using enough butter it could cause an artery to clog it was delicious (so was the butter, I just like my arteries!).  Looking forward to trying to cook a curry this weekend.


  1. Looking at all your delicious goodies, it made me think of something. Would you guys like me to bake you some of my lasagna when I come visit? Just a thought.

  2. Um, yes! G says he'll put it to the test! Oooh, and a big salad, lots of wine, and it will be a good night indeed!

  3. Kalee -

    I love the grilled brie and tomato sandwich. Did you use any condiments or did you leave the bread plain?

    That sushi looks outstanding! "Deliciousness" is a good word for that.


  4. What a feast for the eyes when reading your post! I had my first taste of brie on our anniversary. It was so good and I can't believe I didn't want to try it. Now your sandwich makes me want to take it further: Oh, that sushi is definetly deliciousness. I think we might of have the same food for dinner the day you wrote this post. As Bruce made pancakes for dinner too.