Thursday, September 30, 2010


It's raining, it's pouring, I wish my "old" man was here curled up with me.  Hmm. 

It's literally raining enough that we're under both flash flood warnings and coastal flood warnings.  And it's supposed to rain several inches more tonight.  Joy.  I was supposed to be going to a wine tasting and dinner but had to call the restaurant and cancel me being there because G is down south and with this rain he'll never get home in time.  And of course, the restaurant being down near the water wasn't helping me feel like rushing to get somewhere I might not be able to get home from!

So instead we're spending tonight continuing to prep for when my best friend gets here!  We don't have a guest bedroom set up yet with furniture, because eventually our bedroom furniture is going in there, but currently we're in the process of trying to find time to build (yes, I said build!) our bed.  So my bestie is on an air mattress for the week, but I'm trying to make it look cozy and welcoming in there for her!  I am so super excited for her to come I keep telling G, "Theresa is coming!  I'm so excited!"  and he just looks at me, laughs and says he knows.  Okay, perhaps I should limit it to once a day.

I am hoping that the rain means it will be cooled down.  I'm planning on having us walk up to drink coffee at my favorite little place, and the coolness will make that easier.  I'm also excited for the weather to be a bit cooler so I can cook!  I really need to sit down and menu plan for this visit.  So far I'm thinking pizza, soups, quiche, maybe a roasted chicken or some meatloaf (my maman's recipe, and it's to die for).  And T has also offered to make lasagna!  I love hers, so I keep telling G about it.  

I am supremely lucky.  I met T our first few days at college, and we've been close since.  And even husband thinks she's great too!  Now if only I could convince her to move out here to Charm City.....  

I mean, who doesn't want to living in such a charm-ing place? 


  1. How fun! I imagine you are a great hostess.

  2. I'm coming for you Kalee! I'm so excited!!

    Those meal ideas sound pretty amazing. And as far as coffee goes, it'll be nice to have actual coffee talk. Just a couple more days!

  3. Have an awesome time with your best friend!