Friday, October 1, 2010


I'm feeling a little lost.  A little drained.  A little wish I could run off and escape to a utopia.  

Our roof in our bathroom has a leak for the third time in less than a year.  The roofer is under a warranty contract and claims to keep fixing it.  But apparently he's not fixing it well.  And this time?  There isn't just a water stain, the paint is peeling off the wall and it's dripping water.  And of course, we discovered this all too late to call him.  Doesn't matter, he won't be able to fix it until the rain stops.  If the rain stops.  

And we have no paperwork from the last 2 times he fixed it.  Because he just comes and fixes it and never knocks or calls back to let us know (and G, who deals with him has never asked for paperwork).  The contractors who renovated our home before we bought it had problems with him so they quit working with him.  Unfortunately unless we want to pay money that we shouldn't have to pay (because this guy should be doing a better job) we are stuck using him.  But we will be asking him to pay for the water damage.  Or taking him to court.  I have no clue how to take a person to court, but we will be doing so if this doesn't get resolved.  

I just wish I could be 6 again and not be dealing with these sorts of things.  Because of course it happens when my T is coming.  When we still need to paint the bathroom downstairs.  When we need to grout and seal the tile work in a bathroom we rarely use because the contractors did a crap job and it's crumbling along the edge.  And I'm sorry to be whining and complaining, but I'm sitting here crying, wishing I didn't always have to be the adult.  I just want a break, a vacation, a getaway by myself time. 

Maybe tomorrow the sun will come out and all that stuff, but tonight?  Tonight I'm wishing there was a hurricane to an island called Oz. 


  1. aww I understand how you are feeling. We all get that way sometimes. When it seems like life is bombarding you over and over with more unpleasantries. Being a child was wonderful, there were no responsibilities, everything was care-free and secure, you could always count on someone else to provide for you and take care of you. There are days I would love to go back to that. But when I actually was a child all I wanted was to be an adult and be 'free' so I could do whatever I wanted without having to answer to anyone which is the price that comes with no responsibility and the price that comes with freedom is frustration often times. But most times after a bad day or few days the sun DOES come out. Maybe you do just need a little me time. Maybe even a day to just get away from the house and go to the spa or stay with a friend and just talk. Changing your surroundings for even 1 day can make a difference. I hope all goes well. Have a wonderful day! :)

  2. I totally get that way sometimes too. I just want to not be in charge of everything. Want to go back and be a kid, a time with less responsibilities and worries. Where someone else took care of me. I think that's what I miss the most really - the feeling that there was someone who could fix my problems an had the answers. Most of the time I like being an adult and being in charge of my life, bu sometimes I feel lost too. So I completely identify with this post. I think we all do at least from time to time really.