Friday, October 1, 2010

The Sun Came Out

Glory to God, the sun finally came out!  And with it, my mood is a bit brighter.  Last night when the rain had slowed a bit we braved the weather late to go up to TJMaxx to look for bedding for the guest room.  What we found was black and white bedding that G eventually wants in our room.  So, T will get to tell us how it is, and then once we've built the queen sized bed we can use it.  Win/win.  We also picked up a glamourous standing lamp that is the perfect height for next to a reading chair.  With chrome and crystal it will work wonderfully in our room!

Tonight we're grouting and painting in the guest bathroom, and then tomorrow I'll be giving the walls another coat and we'll seal the grout.  We picked up a yummy smelling pumpkin soap at TJMaxx for the room as well.  I'm a wee bit excited to finally have this room more "together."  It came pretty low on our list of finishing because, well, we rarely use it.  But I want it to look nice as we begin having more guests over. 

I think my biggest problem is I try and take on too much.  I have two sets of curtains to finish dealing with, painting to do (both walls and furniture), art to hang.....the list just goes on and on.  So I've been trying to take it slow and give myself a breather.  I mean, this is T, I don't think she'll be judging me if my art work isn't all hung.  Hell, I might utilize her to help decorate because God knows G just feels lost when I ask him.  To quote him, "I like what I like, but I'm not good at figuring out if all of it will work together."  He really is a secret bohemian!  

But I am so excited to share our "new" curtains I picked up from the thrift store oh so long ago, once they're done.  They have a pinch pleating and originally would have been hung with hooks, but I want it on a rod, so I will be attaching a strip of canvas to make a pocket.  Simple enough.  They are currently hanging over the curtain rod in the living room to make sure they dry completely after I washed them, and just seeing them in the room makes me smile.  Pictures should be up on the home blog sometime next week!

And the CSI Project is having a Ballard Designs inspired project link up next week.  Ballard is usually a little too warm toned for me, but I will be tweaking some of their designs to make some nice things for our home, including a planter box for my kitchen window herbs!  

I'm off to do more laundry.  Today is delicates day---silk, wool, etc, so it takes forever with such small loads on gentle/handwash.  But I'm excited to show you a LOFT houndstooth pencil skirt I picked up for a few bucks that was originally $78.00---tags still attached!  Stay tuned for many projects coming up this month!


  1. Can't wait to see the results of all your hardwork!

  2. I love household projects coming together. I wish I had time to tackle some of mine.

  3. Your husband's interior decorating quote is adorable. If you choose what you like, I think it *will* all go together, and it will be uniquely yours.