Sunday, September 19, 2010

In The Wild

Last night as we were eating Indian we realized that the bar next door (owned by the same people) was having a band play classic rock music that night.  Having missed the opportunity to see a band on Friday night, and feeling slightly better (if not a wee bit exhausted) we thought it sounded fun.  I was in my ruffly throated blue t-shirt with my favorite strand of faux pearls though, and felt perhaps not dressed correctly for classic rock.  But apparently we were meant to go because earlier in the day I had picked up a long sleeved lightweight cotton sweater from Gap, along with a black wool fedora with some sparkly material wrapper around it.  A quick run to Target, and I ran across a pair of kitten heeled leopard print shoes.
Those, a long silver necklace and change of shirt with the hat added on took my look from sweet to sexy quicker than you could say "I love rock and roll."  We both had a good time.  At one point I noticed my favorite waiter alerting another waiter to our presence.  I was mildly offended that I seemed to be drawing such attention (it happened a lot that night with patrons, but several people told me they loved my hat, including the lead singer of the band!).  But then later he came over and said he had had to do a double take and at first was wondering if G had gotten a new girlfriend.  With my hat tipped down you couldn't see my face from further away, and I never had looked like that before!  

But the shoes.....I love them.  They are slightly big on me due to Target (and other retailers) refusing to make a 10 1/2.  In round toes shoes I wear a ten, but pointy I do better a half size up.  So I got the 11's.  My left shoes with my insert for my toes fits fine, but my right one is going to need something.  I'll just add some cushioning which will make it easier on my feet in the long run anyway.  I debated getting the shoes because as comfy as they are, they are cheap ($24.99), and they won't last me too awfully long.  However, they are as comfy as flats, and it allows me to see if I really like wearing leopard print shoes before committing to something pricier.  And last night, they rocked! 


  1. See, and I always thought appropriate attire for classic rock was denim and flannel...silly me

  2. Kalee,

    Cute leopard pumps!

    I wear a 10 1/2 - 11 also and was just thinking the other day about how strange it is that 10 1/2 is nearly impossible to find. Quite irritating, yes?

    I think you will enjoy wearing leopard shoes...I have two pairs - a ballet flat and a peep-toe wedge - that I love to wear. It's an easy way to spice up an otherwise dull outfit.


  3. I love those shoes, too! Leopard + kitten heels - what's not to love. Glad you're feeling better.

  4. How ironic - I came over to thank you for your hilarious comment - ain't no fish going on my car either! AND I am wearing the flats version of these shoes... the cheapest shoes i own, I was going to do a post on how I don't wear cheap shoes except my crappy little cheeta flats from Target... I just noticed a hole in them this morning... might have to run over for another pair!

  5. I remember being your age and the wonderful experiences abound. You have a lovely sense of style.