Sunday, September 12, 2010

There's A First Time For Everything

Yesterday G and I filled up our day with fruits and veggies!  First to the farmer's market to pick up our CSA.  We got enough tomatoes to last us a lifetime, some onions, eggplant, butternut squash, and a couple heads of red leaf lettuce.  We also walked about, grabbed some radishes from one stall, a baking pumpkin from another, and some red cockscomb from a flower stall.  Apparently I can hang it to dry and it will keep it's red! 
Then we headed up to Pennsylvania to an orchard.  It was a beautiful drive, I blasted Sara Bareilles new album, and enjoyed just basking in the sun.  I knew G wanted to try his hand at being the photographer for the day, so I dressed cute to impress.  Dress from Target worn as tunic, with red rose clip from F21.  Wore this over skinny jeans with flats (I wanted to wear my boots, but my feet were killing me).
Why yes, I do have a large rose on my dress!
First we stopped off for a picnic at a table under tall, tall trees at the orchard.  Same thing as our indoor picnic, and just as satisfying.  And yes, I brought wine in a mason jar.  I figured we'd keep it simple.  But the whole time I was asking G to please not speed because all we needed was to get slapped with an open container charge!
Setting up the table.
I love clotheslines!
Then we headed off to pick our own apples!  I had never done this before and whoa excited!  We rode out on a tractor, were told to go ahead and taste the Jonamacs (a Jonathon and Macintosh hybrid), which were delicious.  We filled up one basket with those and another with Golden Delicious.  Then it was time to wait for the tractor to return, which led to goofing off pics!
I was playing Eve..."come here G!"
The tractor took us back, we picked up some Dutch pretzels, honeycomb, stick candy, baskets of 2nds of apples and pears, and some beeswax lip balm.  It was a fun day, we ended up with over 20 lb. of apples, some of which I used to make something special for G.  But more on that later! 


  1. You are so cute!

    I do the "eve" routine every year in the orchard, I can't resist! And love the dress ( I just posted about Target clothes!)

  2. You guys are super cute!! I also love your dress, tres chic! We did get to an orchard in northern cal but didn't get to pick apples:( And I did the 'eve' to Bruce too!

  3. What a gorgeous day! I love the outfit - red suits you beautifully - and the weather looked so lovely. I can't wait for warmer days and the promise of srping here. It is so close! I can almost feel warmer days peeping round the corner - but I still take a jacket and scarf to work!


    PS LOVE the look of those apples too. I feel an apple tart baking- day coming on!