Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Nearly Didn't

I nearly didn't remember.  I nearly didn't post.  I thought, everyone else is, you have nothing to say.  And then I thought.  Next spring I will be a wife with a husband who's in a country because of that day.  

I remember...a teacher running into our college history class to tell us there had been an attack.  We didn't believe him.

I remember...turning the t.v. on just in time to see the second tower hit live.

I remember...being more terrified than I had ever been, sure the world was ending.

I 8 year old brother asking why somebody would hate us, why they would do that.

I remember...having no answers.

But what I know now is this, those lives had meaning.  I hope their families know we think of them, even if it's while sitting and reading a book.  I know that hate is not the answer.  That Afghan food is some of my favorite, and the men at the restaurant are friendly and kind.  I know that to forget what our country stands for, our rights and diversity, is only to invite trouble back in.  Burning a book to purposefully incite is not right, it is not Christian, and it makes me ashamed.  And I know that some day we will get there.  Some day we will remember not just the day, but that all people of different races, nationalities, and religious beliefs died that day.  And that they deserve to be remembered with honor, not anger. 

I remember today. 


  1. I turned on the TV at the exact same time you did.

    I remember standing in shock with my hand over my mouth when it wanted to be over my eyes. but how could I do that when people were suffering? Didn't they at least deserve witnesses to their tragedy?

    I completely agree with you though, to forget what our country stands for is only to invite trouble back. To condemn or target one group of people is placing blame on mostly people that are just as innocent as those who lost their lives that day.

    I remember today too.

  2. I remember Garret phoning home from his high school band room to tell me about it. I remember the anger in his voice.

    I remember turning on the television in time to see the second plane hit the towers.

    I remember the faces of the people running up the street in front of the giant smoke and dust clouds; like something out of a disaster film.

    I remember the tears I cried for all there that day.

    I'm glad that you posted. I remember, too.

  3. As Keegan and I sat watching MSNBC yesterday and them replaying the actual news footage as it unfolded, I remembered that Keegan was so little that he didn't understand...but now as a high schooler, he does....and as we watched it again, together, we talked about it and what it all meant.

    I remember watching in disbelief the horrific tragedy that was unfolding.

    I remember trying to phone your grandmama, who was working at the EPA at the time, and not being able to get through, and the fear that I felt.

    I remember telling you kids that we needed to remember those that lost their lives, while wondering if a group from your dad's fire department was going to volunteer to go and help the search and rescue.

    I agree with you that we need to remember what our country stands for and to embrace it's diversity and not condemn those innocent people that are being shunned only because of their nationality...they being just as upset as we are as to what happened.

    Let us never forget.


  4. Kalee, I'm so glad you did. This day I've never been so proud of the land of the brave. We all need to remember at the end, the greatess is love.

  5. I wasn't able to post. I saw it live from the start, when they were wondering why a plane was flying so was awful. I just didn't have it in me. My fiance's father was from Middle East originally, so I understand the duality of what's going on. It's hard. I hope your husband will be safe when he goes.