Friday, September 10, 2010

Cocktail Time!

After the last post I really was thinking, I need to get rid of this piece.  It's so big, it's style is one I love, but it doesn't match the stuff in my home completely.  Now, I don't have a bunch of modern things (not really my I don't believe there is anything modern, it's all recycled old designs anyway), but it's definitely French-style, and strangely most of my home is not.  Shocking, I know.  

Anyway, after a living room picnic tonight I got the urge to rearrange and see if it would fit on the wall next to my staircase.  It did!  So I set about seeing what we could do with it, and realized the height was perfect for a bar area.  So I set a silver tray on one end with our decanters, liquor, and cocktail picks, and our wine rack with old bottles (to see how it looked) on the other end.  Add a print, an initial I painted, and eventually (evident in one pic, not another) the French house number I won from My French Corner
Voila!  Perfection, I couldn't be happier.  Now we have a better height bar to pour drinks, and the vintage glasses can go in the cabinet on one side.  The smaller shaker and the glass ice bucket fit perfectly on the other.  It's just calling for a cocktail party.  I suppose my Theresa and I will have to test it out next month!


  1. I'm applauding from afar! This is fantastic. I love a bar area in a home and this piece is perfect for that. It's sophisticated, yet fun. I'm glad you found a home for it.