Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bathroom Painting

Nearly 2 weeks ago (Oh my God, time flies) I spent all night taping up the guest bathroom and painting, barely able to move my arms the next morning.  It looks darker than it is because there is no window and the lighting in there isn't ideal, but it's a beautiful pale cream (like the color of heavy cream), and though I want to put up some botanical and floral art work in there (I've been collecting pieces for the last year), for now it was so nice to have it done before my best friend came to visit.

All taped off:
 The stick figure door sign I painted while in England and it now finally has a home again!
 Bare counters, but the pumpkin soap turned out to be better than a candle, it scents the whole room deliciously!

I love the clean look with the white towels and shower curtain.  It's a tall, tall room (there is a foot above the shower even), but small and cozy. 


  1. Looks beautiful even in the darker light....almost greenish gold.

  2. Looking good! We are about ready to redo our bathroom, too!