Friday, October 15, 2010

Bit By Bit

We stopped in at Hobby Lobby tonight to look at Christmas items (I really want a 9' Christmas tree!), but ended up picking up damask/French style items instead, most at half off.  So while I was antsy late tonight I set up a makeshift coffee table tray. 
 Moroccan Lucite Tray:  Target, last year
Peace Sign:  Target or Walmart after Christmas
Black and White Jar:  Charity Shop in UK
Beaded Candle Holder:  Target
Black and White Damask Candle Holder:  Hobby Lobby
Fleur de Lis Paperweight:  Hobby Lobby
Pearls:  What I had on today
Books:  A few I found in our sitting room

Eventually this tray will go on a long black coffee table or our dresser in our bedroom.  Not quite decided yet, but I am loving the small things that have made my house begin to feel like a home. 


  1. pssssssssssst you won something over here:

  2. Beautiful tray! I think I shall have to borrow your idea and gather up some French bits and pieces from around the house. I'm so pleased you included a candle.