Saturday, October 16, 2010

Long Beautiful Day

So, I know, I know, I don't have any photos of me showing my new haircut.  Suffice to say I thought I cut about 6-7 but G is estimating a lil closer to 9.  But it looks great.  I just haven't taken any photos of myself at all.  We tried.  The camera died.  Go figure.
This is the only photo G got before the camera died.  Too much light, and my bangs aren't even visible!

But we did make it to the farmer's market, and even picked up some pea shoots that taste like English peas and are delish in this fall season.  Then we tried to get home.  Huge mistake.  The Baltimore Marathon (very poorly marked) held us up in traffic.  G spoke to an officer who said there was absolutely no way for us to get home.  For real.  Lovely.  So we headed to a wine store to kill time for over an hour.  Made it home just in time to print off the groupon for a men's place here in Charm City where G got a hot lather shave and his horrid low quarter military dress shoes got a nice shine without him having to do it! 
 Then it was up towards the shopping center and the grocery store.  Stopped into Sephora, picked up a Givenchy eye quad (more on that later), and also dropped into Burberry where G got to try on some suits.  We like the Brit cut, and he looked amazing.  And I have all the information on it for when I'm ready to get it as a gift for him.  Also spent some time at Nordstroms, including the Le Mer counter.  Picked up a very generous sample of the cream and their concentrated eye cream to try at home on a clean face. 
Stopped in at Barnes and Noble for the French Vogue's 90th Anniversary edition.  It's as thick as a novel, but I'm excited to begin trying to translate as I work my way through it.  The cover is a gorgeous photo I plan to frame for my closet.  A little risque, but I love the lace eye mask (their anniversary section has a thing about galas/soirees with a bunch of masked women). 
Planning to make a pumpkin black bean soup (Indian sorta flavour) tomorrow night for dinner with some grilled chicken breasts, a salad, and a cheese course (including an ash goat's cheese).  For now I'm just relaxing, getting a foot rub, and settling in to snuggle and watch a movie. 


  1. Your photo looks VERY French Chic!!!!!!! Love that quad. Gorgeous. I would love to hear your review of it. Do I NEED it?? I think I do! Happy weekend! Hope your soup turns out well.

  2. Thank you! The quad is amazing, G kept remarking how much he loves the colors on me (apparently it gives me sexy eyes). It was recommended because of my green eyes and it's a win. So yes, yes you need it! And they have other ones at well that look awesome.

  3. I have green eyes too. Ugh. It seems that I do need this. What liner do you wear with it?

  4. Just so you know, I think your hair looks amazing! I love it! And you :D

  5. Liner? Ha! Um, I'm mildly make-up handicapped and so I rarely wear anything at all. If I use a liner I've been doing the cream one (you apply with a brush) by smashbox. But, the dark purple in the set makes an excellent eyeliner I found.

  6. Sue Devitt makes a GORGEOUS eye pencil for green eyes. It is called Ava. I am also a fan of Urban Decay pencils( they last forever) and Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner is also a miracle of a product.

  7. Your hair looks so graceful and pretty. Love the new cut. Also adore that eyeshadow quad. How do you like the texture of their eyeshadows? I have never tried them. And, I must go find that French Vogue pronto.

  8. La Belette, thanks for the eye liner recommendations. I"m getting ready to get the sephora favorites set that has a whole bunch to try, and urban decay is one of them!

    Stephanie, Their texture is amazingly silky. I read reviews before getting it and then tried it at the store and fell in love. Like I said above, I'm make-up handicapped (as in I can't seem to get the hang of it) and it was so easy to apply! And yes, you must get the French Vogue, it's gorgeous!