Sunday, October 10, 2010

Columbus Day Weekend

When I was a small child in second grade at French school, we did a lot with the whole Christopher Columbus discovering America thing.  We made soap boats and floated them.  We all brought in spices to smell and talk about the search for ways to get to the countries with spices (like the India we were supposed to be).  It was memorable.  

This year it's memorable because G has Monday off!  Which is nice, because with T having tragically left me (the week flew by so quickly!) I am pretty sure the house would have been too quiet and G would have come home to find me rocking back and forth and muttering something (or whatever would be equally crazy). 

I miss T already, but G being here helps.  We had a great week that ended in a night out on the town at a club.  Our taxi driver who dropped us off exclaimed that we lived in the hood, and T about lost it laughing.  "Oh yes," she said, "I've been pretty much shot at every night."  (for the record, so untrue, it fact she was stunned by how quiet our neighborhood is.)  We had a good laugh discussing it the next day, making sure she would make us sound tough by telling everyone back home that we apparently live in a war zone.  We hit up the farmer's market, grabbed breakfast at Carma's Cafe, and then tried unsuccessfully to distract her long enough that she would miss her flight. 

Her being here did make me realize that a huge thing missing here is a close group of friends.  I have a friend or two, but have been unsuccessful in just getting out there and meeting people who I have more than a simple acquaintance with.  She and I talked about how much harder it is to make friends as you get older.  How much harder so much of being a grown-up is.  Suddenly you're a little more reserved, a little more cautious.  I'm trying to get over that, so keep your fingers crossed for me!  

We'll see her again at Thanksgiving, so it won't be too long! But until then, it's time I stop being so damn afraid of other women.  I mean, they don't all bite, right?


  1. It *is* so hard to make friends the older I get. I've tried. Truly. I can't seem to mesh with most women though and the one good female friend I made here moved away :(

    To be honest? I can't handle the drama that seems to come with having chick friends and being blunt when there is an issue has gotten me no where ... it's frustrating to not have a close female friend to do stuff with isn't it?

  2. I am so glad that T got to visit you. Sounds like you had a great visit. Tell her I loved seeing her pictures on Facebook. First pictures we have gotten to see of the harbor (hint, hint). Enjoy Columbus Day with G.

  3. I know how you feel. I have wonderful friends that I am very close with, however they are all far away. I miss that feeling of having a close friend that you can meet for coffee on a whim. And as you say, it is harder to make those kind of connections as we grow older.

  4. I will cross my fingers for you:) Enjoy your weekend with your best friend, G!!