Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Silver Bullet To The Heart

I have been in love with a particular necklace for a couple years now.  As noted here and here (and that was only after coming back to the US).  But last night at the mall I stepped into a Tiffany's for the first time in years.  And yes, I was like a kid in a candy shop.  I was helped by Marie, a lovely woman whom I will definitely make sure I go to when I buy this piece.  And when I asked about the necklace I was lead around the store and it was brought out with a flourish.  

Now, I will admit I thought the price had to be absolutely ridiculous and based more on the store and designer's name than actual worth.  And of course that plays into it as well.  But each link is about an inch long, and a good solid weight.  It's a heavy piece that looks delicate.  And I had to laugh when Marie said that while I was tall and lovely with it she looked like a gangster when she tried it on (she's a petite tiny woman).  It was perfection.  

It wasn't an Audi TT sort of moment, but it was definitely one of those memorable moments when I realize that saving for this necklace will be worth more than all the clothes and costume jewelry I could spend the money on.  It's a luxurious piece that is simple and classic and I will be able to wear for decades.  I've been taking baby steps realizing that since I like champagne, I should really avoid the beer sort of items.  Occasionally I will pick up a good sparkling wine, but for the most part.....I'd rather wait to indulge on something really special. 


  1. I love going into tiffanys, I have a $50 store credit to their from when I returned something for something else and have no idea what to put it towards.

  2. I was this close to writing an ode to my favorite silver necklace. I'm going to email you my thoughts on this with price per wear info on my splurge. Bottom line, it may be worth it.