Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Every Day

Well, last week was an amazing blessing.  With my best friend here I avoided the computer.  I didn't read any blogs really, I didn't watch t.v., and I didn't really blog more than the quick check in.  And something hit me hard that has been on my mind for a while.  I began blogging as a way to keep myself in check.  To explore out loud this person I felt inside.  My husband loved it because I became more vivacious, less worrisome.  I threw caution to the wind more.  I became the me I had been holding back for years.

And then, 2 years later I began feeling like this blog was a chore.  I had to live an interesting life so that I had something to write about, and then after living it I didn't always want to write about it.  I realized that by the time I called my family and friends to talk to them about things they has already read about it here.  So we've talked less.  Which, quite frankly, sucks. 

The reality is this:  I am a simple woman who gets overwhelmed in huge crowds.  I don't like getting called up to talk about myself.  I prefer to wear simple chic clothes that show of me rather than me showing off clothes.  I eat natural foods for the most part.  I like working with veggies, chopping them up, adding them to everything.  I am pretty damn healthy because of the way I choose to eat.  I've become a slight pain in that I won't allow myself anything other than plain coffee or an espresso in the afternoon.  Cafe au lait in the mornings (when I'm feeling indulgent).  I will save a ton of money for an item I love.  I believe that a little exercise and watching what you eat will almost always work for losing weight, and I'm willing to take the "slow" route to get to my most healthy size.  I believe that you should buy the best food you can afford, learn to cook, and delight in the senses when you do.  I'm faithful, not overly religious.  I say prayers before meals, but I won't make you join me. 

Basically I have learned to be self-centered and do things for myself and those closest to me. 

This blog isn't working for me anymore, at least not the way I've been doing it.  I enjoy sharing experiences (such as the great necklace try-on earlier).  And I enjoy writing about things when they really made me pause, or it was such a great time.  But that doesn't happen everyday.  And by forcing myself to come up with something to write about I feel a little lost.  So I will be taking a pause.  I will write when I have something to say (and boy do I have some things to say that I've been trying to figure out how to write without offending people).  I will write when I've done something awesome (such as G's first flight, and the conference coming up).  But mainly it's going to be a little quieter here. 

I will be continuing to catch up on blogs I adore.  And I welcome your comments on the posts I put up.  Hopefully this way I can actually respond better.  I just need some time for me, to get back to a healthy place where I'm living life for me.  I do hope you understand. 


  1. noo i love love your blog i read it everyday !!

  2. I am also going through growing pains with my blog. And I am doing the same steping back and seeing how it fits in with my life not the other way around. Best of luck.

  3. Kalli, I read a lot of blogs and that is one thing I often wonder about - do bloggers write about their life, or do they end up living their life specifically so they can write about it? Either way, I've always loved reading your posts and seeing how you are figuring out your life. Take whatever time you need, but I do hope you pop back now and then with your chic ideas - you come up with a lot of inspiring topics and notions. At least I know I will read you on the French Chic group!

  4. Kalee, thanks for being so honest! It is a great idea to just step back a bit and live life for a bit. Blogging is supposed to be fun, and if it's becoming a chore then there's no point in doing [so much].
    I hope you are able to feel more connected with "life", and less beholden to blogging, really soon!
    p.s. how is the novel coming? Have you thought about doing NaNoWriMo this year? xx

  5. I have gone through seasons like this as well. I hope you keep blogging but take the time you need. Blogging should feed you - not drain you. Can't wait for next week. :)

  6. Kalee, love your honesty and finding what you want to do for 'yourself'. At first, I thought I would like to post everyday. But it doesnt' have to be. But I'm going to miss your daily post. Again bravo to living life! Ping xoxoxoxoxo