Monday, November 8, 2010

New Things

G and I stayed in yesterday and just relaxed together.  We sat in the kitchen drinking tea, eating soup, and reading the Country Cooking of Ireland cookbook, with all the stories included.  We did this for hours.  I made some more homemade noodles and added them to the soup.  We read more.  We continued reading until it was dark, then lit some candles and kept going.  Some might think us insane, but there is nothing more relaxing than drinking some tea and reading by candlelight.  
Tonight's dinner will be trying a recipe from the cookbook: mashed turnips.  I've never had a turnips, but they're a root veggie and you can mash them like potatoes.  I'm a bit nervous, a bit excited.  I'll let you all know how it goes.  They're going along with some leftover roast chicken and roasted brussels sprouts.  

Garret mentioned yesterday that we tend to eat more hearty fare in the winter, but that that is also when we seem to slim down.  I think it's because we're busier moving about, keeping warm and making the house cozy.  We drink lots of calorie free tea (neither of us uses milk or sugar).  And we eat heartier foods, but less of them, sated quickly with the warmth of the food in these cold months.  

So turnips it is!  I am looking forward to this.  And if we like them there is turnip soup and more on it's way this winter!

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