Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Meal

Thanksgiving was delicious!  We set the table with my antique blue glass candlesticks and some mercury glass votives.  My grandmama's silver and crystal made an appearance and made everything look beautiful.  And we sat for hours eating and talking.  I even served up my cranberry sauce in little crystal glasses.
A little blurry.  But from the moment the turkey went in, Max had to be watching it.  And if he walked away, but heard you open it to check on it he came bounding back in.  He took his turkey watching job very seriously.
 Pumpkin soup, a delicious first course!
Yes, part of this was eaten before the photo....the camera started acting squirrely and wouldn't work and I might have freaked out a tiny bit.  
Third course of sweet potato casserole with pecans.
Homemade cranberry sauce in crystal glasses.

And finally I have to share that I am that animal mom who spoils her children.  The babies love flour, so when I'm baking they might get a sweeping of it on the floor.  But I think this year took the cake when I decided that they needed a Thanksgiving dinner too and painstakingly peeled the meat from the turkey neck for them, added some mashed potatoes and dressing and called it a day.  
Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday and has plenty of leftovers to snack on! We're off to see Harry Potter and I am so super excited!


  1. The photo of Max is priceless.

  2. We did enjoy your turkey, ham and the rest of the side dishes. I love your table setting, simple and eleganteven for two. I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday.
    When Bruce gets me a real oven I'll make turkey next year:)Your babies are very blessed!

  3. Your Thanksgiving looks lovely and delicious! Hope you enjoyed Harry Potter!

  4. I think it's so important to include 'all the family'. You're a good pet-mum.

    Your table is beautiful too. Very elegant. You've inspired me to set a lovely table more often.