Sunday, November 28, 2010

Try Something New

Well, having just come home from a brunch at an Indian restaurant I thought this post was appropriate.  Here's the thing:  I often get weird looks when talking about food I cook.  My roommate from the conference teases me that I need to make sure I know how to make grilled cheese for when she comes to visit.  Even my family thinks I'm nuts and some people are overtly cautious (*ahem* chickens) when it comes to tasting my food.  They know I can cook well, but aren't sure they'll like it.  Well to that I say, grow up and try it like an adult.  Try something new. My nearly 83 year old grandmama had never tried artichokes until I brought them home in May.  She loved them!

Because up until 3 1/2 years ago I did not like onions, mushrooms, peppers.  I had never tried goat cheese, Indian, Thai, brussel sprouts, squash.  But I went in determined to change my eating habits (and G's as well) and just cooked them until I liked them.  I now love the taste of mushrooms and onions, and in fact generally have at least a few onions on hand at any time (because I'm terrified of running out).  I put red peppers on/in a lot of things, and I've even gotten to the point where I don't want to be sick when I bite down on a piece of green pepper.  I love goat's cheese, and brie, and camembert and... the list goes on and on....I used to not like cheese hardly at all.  Indian and Thai is par for the course at least every couple of weeks.  We have so much squash right now it's become a joke (pumpkin got used up in the soup, but we still have 5 butternut squash, 2 spaghetti squash, a kuri squash and a couple acorn squashes).  And the night before last I grabbed the leftover brussel sprouts from the fridge, and took off running up the stairs and barricaded myself in a room to munch on them with G pounding on the door declaring that I needed to learn to share!

Up until 3 1/2years ago I had no clue how to make pie dough, soup, boil beans, make an omelette, make pasta sauce from fresh tomatoes, or most desserts from scratch.  But I went into it deciding I wanted to learn.  It took a learning curve.  I had beans that would not soften for the life of me and I began to panic as we were starving and the rest of the soup needed to be made.  I broke omelettes or they were runny. I got tomato sauce everywhere.  And let's not even talk about the time while making a friends baby shower cake that I literally shot powdered sugar like a canon out one end of my roll of fondant and G laughed at me so hard he fell over and my kitchen looked like something from a comedic film. (as I read this to him he's in tears remembering it.) But I learned to laugh at myself, stop apologizing so much and just get back in there.

You can too.  I know it's hard to imagine liking things you've always hated.  And that some of you have convinced yourselves that you either can't cook or don't have the time.  Well, everyone can cook, and most people have the time if they're smart about prepping ahead of time.  You just have to make a point to try.  Try that fruit/vegetable you've never had.  You won't like everything.  We tried dragonfruit and found it so bland we poured gobs of honey on top and it still was boring.  Try making that dish you like at a restaurant at home.  Try prepping some things like carrots and celery and onions ahead of time, even freezing some for a later date.  When I make veggie soup I go through all the veggies I've saved in my freezer and start throwing things in.  I currently have 5 heads of broccoli that I'll be prepping to freeze.  

Make a deal with yourself that you will no longer be constrained by what you think you like or can do.  Attempt something scary.  Be bold, go forth with a spatula and spoon and impress yourself.  I guarantee as long as you're willing you will get there sooner than you think. 


  1. Amen! I'm just now learning to like things that I didn't like (or had never tried). It's so much fun! And, so much easier to decide what to have for dinner.

  2. LOL! I 'grew up' the last two years, tried brie cheese which I lOVE, Japanese food: sashumi and sushi. Also, just this year, I can't believe I've never tried Thai green curry with noodles before. It's amazing!!

    I'm glad you got to try dragon fruit. Like jicama in Asia tastes a lot better than the ones in America. You have to come to Thailand:P

  3. I am that roomie. I know I've been eating like a kid for too long. I have food issues - unless it's cake. I'll always try a new cake. :)

    Kidding. Some cakes scare me too. I'm ridiculous.

    I will TRY something new, but not spicy, as long as you don't get offended if I dislike it. :)