Thursday, December 9, 2010

Current Events In My Head

* There's a home nearby that was built in the 1760's.  G and I have decided our entire goal in life is to figure out a way to save enough money to be able to knock on the door and ask how much to buy it.  It even has a chapel on it's property! (something we've always talked about wanting.)

* It is freezing cold here, and I seriously want to invest in silk long underwear for under my clothes.  I'm in layers and still shivering.

* The world would be a better place if more people simply focused on the happiness of those around them.

* We're going caroling on Saturday at a retirement/nursing home for religious sisters.  I am so super excited I will be singing loud enough to startle the deaf.  

* For the first time in my life I have this strange desire to have a real Christmas tree.  Anyone who has one want to let me come camp out and see if I actually can handle the smell of one? :)

* Reminding all my readers that the economy sucks and there are a lot of people who really need help this winter.  Food banks have been particularly hit hard, so please try and gather up some goods to donate.  The best thing is to call ahead to your local food pantry and find out what they are needing.  You might think, "But I can't afford much."  Well, even one or two cans helps a little.  If everyone helped a little it would make a huge difference!


  1. I got long underwear for Christmas a few years ago and it has been a lifesaver. It's so warm and soft but doesn't make you sweat when you're indoors! I highly recommend it. Mine's from Lands End.

  2. Enjoyed the "snapshots" of your life in today's post. I once worked at a convent and the Sisters were awesome! Have fun! Bess

  3. Soooo, now you have to go take pictures of that house for your blog!

  4. Oh, I am going to have to get some long underwear then... iF it doesn't make you sweat. I hate to be hot indoors but right now I am shivering.

    You're welcome to come and smell my tree - that reads really weird.


    A CHAPEL??? Promise me you will buy that place! I just found a farm that has a one room schoolhouse on the property... as a homeschooler I think that is so cool! But I think a chapel would be cooler - there is a mansion around here (you can google it: The Cuneo Museum) that has a chapel, I am not Catholic but the thought of your own private chapel is so cool.

    Ducks? Romantic storybook white ones??? Do it!

  5. *Pictures of that house???
    *I love good long underwear.
    *There is a whole lot to be happy about.
    *This is our first year with a fake tree. It is white and I love it.
    *I am calling our food bank. Thanks for the reminder!