Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Time Is Magical

I have always loved the Christmas season.  And not because of the gifts.  Quite frankly, though we were spoiled rotten I can remember very few of my gifts growing up.  G is the same way.  But what we both remember is loving all the little things about this time of year.  One of my favorite Christmas songs is "Silver Bells" because I can remember learning to sing it in elementary school and just loving how it made me feel inside.  Our house is one filled with old fashioned Christmas music, particularly religious songs such as "We Three Kings" and "The Little Drummer Boy."  G and I get so excited to make candy and cookies and this year I'm hoping to give mincemeat pies and a figgy pudding a whirl.  We both get antsy to decorate the tree, to sit with hot cocoa and just enjoy it's glow.  It is a magical time that I wish went on all year.

Unfortunately I've found that this time of year has become very hard for me.  The best times we had in England were during the Christmas season.  The Santa Run for the children's hospice, the Christmas Fayre, the store displays, the Christmas teas, the feeling in the air.  Because in England, Christmas is still very traditional, people wish each other Merry Christmas so often it shocked me at first, and the towns are decorated how I imagine all places should be for the holidays.  We're hoping to go back sometime in the next couple of years for Christmas (staying at a bed and breakfast), but for now I'm choosing to not let it get me down and instead bring that Christmas here.  

So bring on the madness of attempting to roast a goose and bring on the stockpiling of chestnuts.  Bring on the caroling and bring on the mulled wine.   Our church here is always beautifully decorated for Christmas, and I cannot wait until Christmas eve Mass.  G and I have chosen to only fill each other's stockings this year, because we feel blessed that we don't really need anything, and our wants can wait.  I'd rather spend my time baking and singing than shopping for unnecessary things in crowds that aren't very merry or bright.  I got to wish someone a Merry Christmas the other day as we bought ornaments and I got giddy at the act.  I wish life was like this year round, but perhaps that would make it seem less magical?

So here is to what I hope is a beautiful Christmas.  May there always be cheerful carolers and shining lights so bright.  Now, does anyone know where I can get a horse drawn sleigh?  (Kidding, I don't need recommendations.... I've already searched them out and someday we'll own one!)


  1. In Lake Bluff( where we lived in Chicago), Santa would literally drive the streets in a horse driven sleigh. Any wonder I miss it so much?? No such Santa/sleigh is here in L.A. Waah!:-(
    You are so wise to enjoy the season and not get overwhelmed by it. I envy your roast goose. Yum!

  2. Tracey, that would indeed be a reason for missing it this time of year! I'm hoping we like roast goose. (Still having to hunt one down....well, not literally). I've roasted so many other birds at this point though that I might as well try my hand at it!

  3. The things that I love about Christmas are the "doing" more than the "getting." I love going to the Nutcracker, going ice skating, singing Christmas carols, going to holiday concerts, etc. I love it all! Which is how my schedule gets so crazy during this time of year!