Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I got asked a couple of months ago when discussing my blog if I was a fashion blogger.  While I was flattered I was a little perplexed but said that no, mine is definitely just a lifestyle blog.  The woman said "Oh, it's just that you always seem really well put together."  Now I was extremely flattered but explained that I just like taking care with my dressing.

And then today I was reading Adrienne's post over at The Rich Life (on a budget) about de-blinging.  I commented that:
I think I've got the balance down pretty well. I wear a lot of black/grey/navy that is basic, add a sparkly piece or a great patterned scarf as a necklace (I do this at least once a week), and head out the door. I think in the end the most important thing is how you feel. If you're a sparkly person who loves to accessorize with lots, it can work (I think we've all seen an image of a fashionista who is wearing what on us would look ridiculous and overdone, but on her it looks just right). You have to know yourself.
I had never really thought about it before typing that, but I do kind of have a formula to my dressing.  I own enough scarves to support a small business, from vintage silk, fun printed polyester (I have one that is bright pink and white zebra print that pops off a black or grey shirt), long cotton ones, scrunched up/ruffled ones and of course my big ol' pashmina I bought while in Turkey.  And while odd for a 26 year old, I wear scarves more often than any other accessory. 

Now I know the average woman these days owns long scarves that they drape around, so that's not uncommon.  I will however wear pattered scarves as necklaces or silk scarves tied around my neck.  I even have long silk ones I can tie around my waist for a pop of color.  And don't be afraid of going for a bit of drama with a silk scarve wrapped around your head like an old Hollywood star.

I've spent countless hours searching for the 2 Hermes scarves that I'm on the lookout for.  My husband not only knows what Hermes is, he knows what the patterns look like and has become determined to obtain them for me (I am truly a blessed wife with a husband who loves her in scarves).  Hermes recently did a campaign in order to start getting younger customers.  I thought, "They're being ridiculous.  You shouldn't want just anyone to buy your product.  Then it becomes boring and just a sale.  Hermes scarves are like art....don't dumb it down."  
A scarf draped around your neck like a necklace with a simple watch or hoops or studs in your ears can be absolutely simple, classic, and beautiful.  It gets noticed more often than not.  I've gotten used to perfect strangers coming up and asking me about something or saying they love something.  The two most important things you can do with fashion is:

1. Make sure you love what you're wearing and that you feel like you.
2. Look in a mirror with a critical eye to determine number 1.

Getting dressed should be fun.  You should feel beautiful, chic, interesting.  I have some of the simplest clothing in the world, with plain colored v-necks and simple cardigans.  But accessories add a bit of flair that make you you.  
What is your favorite accessory that whenever you wear it you just know it's going to be a good day?


  1. Kalee,

    Thank you for the mention. My, you have many scarves and it looks like they get lots of use!
    My favorite accessories are large cuffs and big watches.
    I'm very tall so it's easy for me to pull off something big, dramatic and chunky on my wrist.

    My favorite picture of you in this post is the green tank with the purple scarf. You look tres chic!


  2. Adrienne, I loved the big cuff you highlighted in your post! I am tall, but those things tend to look ridiculous on me, but I've seen other pics of you wearing them and they always look beautiful.

    I love all my scarves (and that photo doesn't even show most of them), but strangely though lately I've been wearing one nearly every time I leave the house I was hard pressed to find pics of me wearing them!

  3. Where are you losing this 20-30 pounds *from* exactly? You must be super tall cuz I just can't see where you need to lose anywhere near that much!! What gives?! You look marvellous!!

  4. I wish I had an outer accessory that guaranteed me a good day. Can we count self-esteem as an accessory? When I am feeling especially confident I feel great in almost anything I have in my closet. I do love boots. Boots almost always lift my spirits( even the flat one).
    p.s That turq scarf looks great on you!

  5. Rose, Thank you so much! I think 30 would be on the high end, but for the medical ideal 25-30 for my height (I'm 5'8 1/2" exact). Most of that really is just through eating a little less and slimming down all over (which luckily is how I lose weight). But realistically I'll lose a little bit by bit until I like where I'm at, and then screw medical ideals!

    Tracey, Thanks! I love that scarf...I even wore it for lunch out in Rome! I think self-confidence really is the best accessory. I think walking tall, smiling, knowing yourself can make you look younger and trimmer than any cosmetic surgery! But that's a whole other topic!

  6. Oh Kalee, I need you to live closer to me so you can go shopping with me. I have a strong desire to be more fashionable but I just feel dumb about it all sometimes. And I want to make the right choices and not look like I am a mom trying to look too young or too hip. Ya know? I want that perfectly happy medium. Ha! But that is wishing for nearly the impossible. I love your scarves by the way! Very, very classy!

  7. I drool over how well you wear scarves! I have wanted to be a scarf woman, but the closest I have gotten is to being the pashmina woman. :) I feel great with bold chunky silver jewelry, and by typing this I realize I hardly wear that any more outside of my cuff. Hrm... may need to reflect on this!

  8. Because of you I am learning to love scarves, I have one though that I am still trying to figure out.