Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Few Things

Taking a break from entertaining my BB I am sharing a few things, such as:

* I have eaten way too much southern pecan candy that my mother sent.  Thank you for the motivation to run that last 200+ miles!

* I want a baby.  But if they turn into a teenager I'm going to need volunteers for who wants to raise them at that point.  They're exhausting and make you reach the "end of your rope."  

* Last night we slept in our full size bed with a dachshund, a cat and a labrador and holy moley I need a bigger bed!  The babies got disgruntled when we moved at all.

* Heading to D.C. tomorrow and I'm wondering if I've truly lost my mind.  (and if I'm about to lose my feet.)

* I'm upset that my niece is at my parents home for a whole week and I'm not there.  Her being my favorite person and all.  
* G makes a damn good martini.  And I'm eternally grateful for this.  

* I kick scrabble's ass.  I won every game today, much to the grumbling of the boys.  And I have a rule....if you're old enough to read a classic novel, you're old enough to have me not let you win.

* G is adorable sipping his chocolate peppermintinis.  Mind you, they looked like dirty water.  Blech.

* Max has mad love for the electric fireplace.  He calls it the "magic lightbox."  For reals.

* So much more I could say but let's just say I am enjoying our company, but Lord have mercy has it made me rethink children. 


  1. I felt my sister's children at the airport yesterday was birth control enough for me, lol! I'm glad you're having a good time with your little brother. And just remember, teenagers are just like toddlers with a bigger vocabulary.

  2. They are! Except his vocabulary includes so much slang that he couldn't seem to win scrabble. Sad day.

  3. I'm so glad you're having a great time with your brother. Tonight we met with my friends and their two kids under 3yrs. Most of the time I was nodding my head and smile!

  4. Kids can be such a handful! Good thing they're so stinking cute. PS I did a four things post, finally! And I loved reading yours :D

  5. I'd love to play you in Scrabble sometime!!