Sunday, December 5, 2010


You would think food month was still happening with how busy my kitchen has been.  Last night I made homemade marshmallows.  And though at one point I was positive that they were indeed not going to turn out and I was going to end up with marshmallow goo, we finally whipped them into shape and after letting them sit overnight we cut them into beautiful squares today.  
 These are about the size of regular full size marshmallows.

I also had some top parts that were all misshaped because the marshmallows set up firm quicker than I could spread it, so I cut those off and cut these strips into tiny marshmallows for hot cocoa.  Oh. My. God.  These marshmallows are so much better than the ones you buy in store.  They melted into the hot cocoa, but not to the point of disappearing.  And they tasted so delightful I was in winter heaven!
I also whipped up my first ever batch of hard candy!  I had made this once at my ecole (french school) when I was very young, but the idea of making it at home terrified me.  We ended up with quite a large batch of candy that tastes like old school orange lollipops, even though I halved it.  I put some in a Bonne Maman jar to photograph, but we have enough for at least 3 jars!  

And apparently we should just re-name our home the candy shop because I'm planning on doing caramels and fudge today as well.....and perhaps some gingerbread if I can find the time.  I have bread rising, I'm planning on doing cabbage and bacon for dinner.  And Lord have mercy I've run out of sugar!  So we'll be running to the store to pick some of that up for the cooking!  Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of winter! (I know technically it's still fall, but I consider December winter, so eh.)

*Oh, and for those who are worried Audrey is all alone curled up....never fear!  Sophie jumped up with her at one point (though she's not allowed on the sofa normally and instantly jumped down when she saw us), and Max decided lying with her was a very good idea!


  1. Kalee,

    First of all, that is the cutest doggy-kitty-cuddling picture I've ever seen. I just love it!

    Second, hard candy?! I have never thought about making hard seems like it would be, well..too hard! Was it difficult to make?

    I love your adventurous nature, Kalee. It reminds me that I need to try some new things in my own kitchen.


  2. I do believe you have the most squidgily adorable animals since, well, ever. I honestly don't know how you refrain from posting pictures of them all the time. Thanks for filling my cuteness quotient for the day. :)

  3. I'm in awe of your cooking skills. Wow!

  4. Great Job! Would you mind sharing your recipes? Oh, and that cabbage and bacon thing sounds lip-smacking!

  5. I like the sound of homemade marshmellow, and hard candy. Like you and Adrienne, they sound too hard to consider.

    Adorable pet photo. At first I could only see your cat. How was that possible? I stared at it for a number of seconds before seeing your dog's sweet face. They are both beautiful.