Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sunday Dinner

Last night we ended up running around on errands so late we didn't have time to make the Shepherd's pie.  So today after volunteering to help at the Salvation Army (so fun, I recommend others try it out....they need lots of volunteers this time of year!) we skipped going out to lunch with everyone and instead came home and made a late lunch/dinner of Shepherd's pie.  Only I realized that I didn't have the 4 cups of mashed potatoes it called for.  Eek!  Suddenly, I remembered that you can make mashed "potatoes" with cauliflower, and as we had two heads that needed to be used soon I made them and added them to the potatoes, mashing it all up.  Let me say, we'll never do it without cauliflower!  It was delicious and added a great flavor to the dish (as well as having something like an 1/8 of the calories!).  I boiled up some frozen peas and we had a very traditional meal. 
While preparing the frozen peas I sprayed frozen peas all over my kitchen floor.  As G went to get the broom, our two living rumbas decided to just simply eat it all.  Every last pea they could find, with Audrey even sticking her snout partially under the oven to get to some.  Our dogs love their veggies!  After we ate I tore up some left over turkey and added the leftover peas and gave them a treat.  They both devoured it, which pleases me since it's super healthy for them!
Audrey ate some poisonous berries.  She's had an upset stomach and some neurological problems (she's walked like a drunken sailor).  Fortunately it seems that if it hasn't killed her yet she'll be fine as soon as it's worked itself out of her system (she was up and running fine earlier today).  However as our baby she's been carried all over the house and tucked in under a blanket on a pillow whenever we leave.  G's been terrified, but as there hasn't been anything to do but wait and hope the crazy lil dog didn't eat too much of it I've remained as calm as a mama can.  She does make an adorable patient!
So now we're busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen, with it going into tomorrow.  I have bread to bake but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow morning, as we've got marshmallows to whip up before I fall asleep!


  1. Your recipe improvisation was genius! It looks good too. I hope you dog gets better, how very sweet it looks curled up under the blanket.

  2. Oh, noes!!! Ppor Audrey!!! Please give her my love. Hope she is 100% better by now.xoxo