Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No More Rack

NoMoreRack is a new site that gives discounts on products like clothing, toys, and home goods.  However unlike other shopping sites it's not brands or categories, it's simply a handful of items each day, deeply discounted, and they change every day.  One of today's deals (sold out now) was a $160 feather bed that they had for $40!  They also have Trivial pursuit, normally $50 for $30, and other items as well.  I find the idea fascinating because while I love those other sites like One King's Lane, RueLaLa, etc.....it's a pain to sift through all the items and hope you're not too late by the time you get to something you like.  And shipping is simple $2 per item!  Seriously the best deal I've ever seen!

Want to sign up for NoMoreRack?  Please do!  Right now they're offering a thing where I can earn apple products by getting people to just sign up......and you get $10 to use on site for doing it!  Usually these sorts of things require you to sign up and purchase something before I can earn anything, but this time you simply have to register using my code and I get another tally mark on my goal.  Now I'm not thinking I'm going to get the 400 friends required for the iPad, or even the 170 for the iPod touch.  But I'm hoping I can get 35 and get the iPod shuffle to go running with!

And the best part.....once you sign up, if you can get others to sign up you can start earning the products too!  

So remember, you'd be helping me on my way to an iPod shuffle, something I desperately need for running, and you'll get a free $10 to spend on site as well!  For some sites that wouldn't go far, but on this one....yeah, it's a lot!  So just click HERE.  

Thanks ahead of time....I only have 48 hours, but I'm hoping to make this happen!


  1. I posted your referral link on my FB page - fingers crossed you get the shuffle!

  2. Kalee,

    How do I make sure you get the credit toward your iPod if I sign up?


  3. Adrienne, the link is my referrel link and it should automatically credit me (I think it's working, I had a referrel noted earlier today). Thanks for signing up!

  4. I guess I signed up without knowing it!
    It really is a great site...loving those Gucci makeup bags. I'd love to invest in one, but can't afford it right now with the holidays.
    I put a link on my FB wall too. I hope you win! I'll be rooting for you!

  5. Kalee, I clicked the page and the sign up came up. But I don't know why I click back to read what else I was supossed to do. Then the sign up page wasn't there anymore? Will you get something even if I jsut click the page? Hope so.

    BTW, I made you salmon with Dijon mustard. Amazing! Husband was gaga-ing over it!

  6. I LOVE No More Rack! If you sign-up for PureWow daily email through Glamamom, you can earn a $10 gift card to No More Rack!