Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two Important Things

One, I have not slept yet.  I've been up for 20 1/2 hours and counting.  At this point I am goofy, but will probably get another burst of energy soon.  Not actually tired yet.  

And two, due to number one.....I'm a bit bouncy and outrageous.  I tend to sing loudly in the car on mornings like this (well, pretty much any ol' day, but hey, I like to sing).  However, on days like this I not only sing, I tend to bounce, and dance.  Yes, I car dance.  And this morning what song did I blare out as G drove to work?

I guess today is one of those "who cares what you think?" sort of days.  Which I think is not always a bad thing.  Nothing much else to report here, heading out soon to buy even more Christmas ornaments and try to not get sleepy enough to let slip to G what I bought this morning.  It's supposed to snow today so I'm hoping it will finally begin to look a lot like Christmas!


  1. I love this song! Thanks for sharing--I'd never heard it before!

  2. I love those "who cares what you think?" days. Enjoy it! And be sure to show us your new ornaments.