Monday, December 20, 2010


Upon visiting our future hometown we stopped in some local stores, including a classic furniture store.  Here is the piece I want as my spot in our home.  
I would skip the pillow and the furniture around it though.  But I just noticed the fantastic simple Moroccan tile wallpaper and that might have to come home too!

I have trouble deciding which way to go decorating.  Either super glam with jewel tones and greys and blacks or French estate style with linens and white bedding.  Hmmm.  Perhaps I need two houses?  Or to just make up my damn mind and choose pieces of furniture that can be made into either way?  (I think this chair would excellent in charcoal grey linen.)


  1. Planning and dreaming is such a fun part of moving. Charcoal grey would look great!

    xo Cat

  2. I have that exact chair/footstool set up, i should post a pic for you, it's great, it's just like lying in bed.