Monday, December 20, 2010

Things I Learned Just This Weekend

* Wrapping tall brass candle holders with artificial garland leaves your hands secretly cut up (from all the plastic pine needles) and you will not realize this until you put lotion on your dry hands and they are suddenly inflamed with pain like needles.

* Watching "How To Train Your Dragon" we came to the conclusion that they used cats as inspiration for the dragons.  It was clear when we turned and looked at Max and throughout the evening he seemed more and more dragon-like.

* Sometimes you'll know Home when you see it.  Town that hasn't changed it's main street in over 200 years equals place that resembles some of our favorite towns in England.  And it's closer to G's work.  We'll be saving for the next decade, but hey, at least we know where we want to end up.  

* Modge Podge is not my friend.  I apparently am the only person I know who can't seem to get it to do what she wants.  Fine.  But I'm not giving up.

* Duck rillet, chunks of potatoes, lardons and shitake mushrooms go really well in spaghetti.  I was a bit weary, but it turned out delicious.

More on that last bit later, as G and I had the most amazing meal on Saturday.  For now, I should probably try and catch at least an hour of sleep, no?

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