Monday, December 13, 2010

This Time Of Year Has Me Dreaming

This time of year has me dreaming, of a future when I'll have a little girl of my own.  And my biggest wish is that she'll be like me, girly and happy go lucky, lost in books and her imagination.  I already have big plans for a dollhouse, decorated like something from Little Women.  And if I can hunt down enough porcelain dollhouse dolls to recreate the story (mainly the 4 sisters) I would be in heaven.  To introduce a little girl to that world, to watch her imagination take flight....that is what Christmas always reminds me of.  (just discovered that Madame Alexander makes a ton of Little Women stalking trying to justify buying before we even have a little girl.) 

When I was little, one Christmas my grandmama had me go on a treasure hunt all over her house until finally I came back to where I started and there was this beautiful dollhouse she had worked on so hard for me.  I spent hours and hours playing with it.  I would cut out images for "artwork."  I went to the library in search of books on ways to make things for it.  Some preferred their barbies, but that dollhouse stands out in my childhood like nothing else.  One of the times we were home this past year I dragged the box of dollhouse things out and showed Garret.  We talked about working on one from the time we find out we're having a girl (to have years to slowly add things to it....that crap can get expensive...particularly when you have a husband determined for it to light up magically).  

A niece is lovely (and I'd kidnap her if I could), but I'm starting to really feel like a daughter (or a son) would be an amazing thing to be celebrating next Christmas.  I realized this year that though we love decorating and getting everything prettified, we'd both be more excited if there were little pitter-pattering feet to think of.

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  1. I had a dollhouse when I was young, a wood one that was made by hand by my Grandpa. I adored it and it's still in my Mom's house for my nieces (and my own daughter when she's bigger) to play with. My Aunt was cleaning out her basement the other day and found another. Made by my Grandpa. She passed it to me, to my daughter, and that lovely act makes my heart SO happy. I can't wait to clean it up, decorate it, and then for her to be big enough to play with and adore it. She already has my love of books (which makes my heart happy), I hope she'll love the beautiful world of the dollhouse too.