Sunday, January 30, 2011

Burger Chic

Sure, going out for a juicy burger sounds appetizing.  But with both G and I reading books on food (Real Food has been read by both, we're moving onto The Omnivore's Dilemma and Fast Food Nation next), we're a little wary of the quality of beef out at restaurants.  Knowing we had grass fed beef at home, we picked up some whole wheat buns and some salad and created this:
It was delicious, and we ended up with enough burgers for 3 meals!  Divided up by price it was something like $1.30 per burger.....almost as cheap as McDonald's and oh so much better (and better for you!). 
G had a cremini mushroom and swiss cheese burger.  It was delicious (we exchanged bites), juicy and flavorful.  I'm making one of these for myself next time!
I had a burger with tomatoes (East Coast vine ripened....not as good as our local ones in the summer, but better than any others you usually get this time of year), onions and brined pickles (made without vinegar.  I gave them a go, but I prefer normal pickles).  Juicy and it hit the spot.

The fries were Alexia frozen fries that started out in the oven and were finished in the grease from the hamburgers.  Served with Muir Glen ketchup they were okay.  I think from now on we'll stick to the Heinz organic (made with sugar), since it's tangier.  I'm not a fan of sweet tomato ketchup, and this was slightly sweeter than I I added a bunch of cayenne, black pepper, salt and garlic powder.  Not bad at all. 

These burgers were literally so good we were both shocked.  And even estimated at $2.00 a burger (when you take into account bun and toppings) we had to laugh, because they tasted much better than the average burger out that we would pay $8+ for.  Decidedly spoiled, we won't be doing burgers out any time soon. 


  1. Loving the onions and pickles on your burger. Perfect!

  2. Oh, so yummy. I agree - homemade burgers from high-quality, grass-fed beef is so much more enjoyable than paying up to $15 for a gourmet burger. AND you get exactly what you want on your burger. Bravo, well done! I can't wait to get my grill up and running!

  3. Most of the time I feel like our homemade burgers are even better than the restaurant ones you can get. Totally worth it!