Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Musings

* G overslept and I got him up and moving.  I started his shower, packed his lunch, dealt with the dogs, heated him up apple cider, and got his books for him.  Suddenly I feel useful....but am worried I just performed the duties of a mom to a teenager. :)

* Yesterday at Goodwill I bought a knit cardigan that looks like something my grandma would have worn.  White, bracelet length long as I can make it last another 70 years I have a cardigan to rock in the retirement community!

* I have been craving peanut butter like crazy lately, so finally we picked some up and G went Medieval on it's oily, shiny a%$ (this is what he says when he has to mix it up).  The result?  Peanut butter on brownies, peanut butter by the spoonful, and today's lunch: Peanut butter and banana sandwich.  Mmm!

* G and I have discussed that we both want to travel more while it's just us two.  We've felt guilty at the idea of spending money that could go towards an adoption, but as we're working on us, we decided that making our relationship stronger is worth having to save a bit longer.  We've discussed Prague as an idea for the fall, with possibly England/France in the Spring.  But I'm really interested in an Alaskan cruise (and G really, really wants to go on one), but since he'd be getting back just in time to leave I'm thinking it should wait until 2012.  Decisions, decisions.

* It's been freeing, getting rid of things in our home that we no longer need or don't love.  And lucky me, there is still a nearly full basement to go through (even though we've already gone through at least a dozen totes!). 

* I'm both worried about my family and the crazy snow in the midwest and envious of the snow in the midwest.  I feel torn.  Part of me wants to say, "That sucks." while the other part of me is thinking, "Suck it up and deal, we survived last winter and you will survive this winter.  And it's pretty, damn it!"


  1. I have been on an Alaskan cruise. He-weasel has too. We have never been on one together. Just Saturday we were talking about how we need to fix this. I am not one for a cruise---but Alaska is BRILLIANT. I would do one very year if I could afford it. That said, Prague is on my list of must-sees. And ALWAYS yes to Paris.

  2. Kaylee, Sorry this is off topic to your post. But... thanks for your honest comment! I appreciate it! You can click the food democracy now link in the post and they have a petition you can sign - they are GREAT about emailing updates on what we all can do.

  3. I've always thought Heaven will be a little less than perfect if Adam's extra chunky peanut butter isn't there.

    I've been on three Alaska cruises (we lived in Seattle) and I worked on a project in Anchorage for one summer. The best way to see Alaska is absolutely via cruise ship.

    No matter how old your husband gets, there will always, always be a little boy inside! Mine is 46, and he still jumps up and down (seriously) if I decide to make him a batch of cookies.

  4. LOL, part of wifing is keeping your man moving! :)

  5. Hey, Gwill is my fav music store!
    See the world, travel, you will have no regrets.
    Babies/kids make life in All ways challenging.
    We do have cool mountains, wicked dangerous, but cool.

  6. Not that I've been on an Alaskan cruise but husband has and he said he would recommend anyone to it!! If you can don't wait if possible!
    Would love to visit Prague one day too. I agree with Scale Worm, you wont' have regrets for traveling:)

  7. I pack D's lunch every single day. If I didn't, he'd either skip lunch (bad) or eat junk from the cafeteria (worse). This way I know he's saving money and getting some fruits and veggies to help keep him going through the rest of the day!