Saturday, January 29, 2011

Charm City Chow

It was Restaurant Week here in Charm City and Thursday night I had the pleasure of meeting up with some great people I've met here in the city.  We met up at Blue Hill Tavern, a delicious little place I've been to a few times before.  Waiting at the bar I grabbed a happy hour glass of Malbec, and then we were led to an excellent corner table, not too quiet, but quiet enough to invoke excellent conversation.
Mmm...pork belly!

I love going out to a dinner with people who truly enjoy food.  The woman who organized the get together ordered an extra appetizer of pork belly with braised granny smith apples, red cabbage and a spiced anjou pear sauce.  It was perfectly done, with a crispness to the outside and a melt in your mouth delicious center.  I have every intention of ordering that as a small meal some Sunday when they have their half priced appetizers.  It was a generous portion, well worth it's price.
I had originally planned to order the ahi tuna starter with the mahi mahi entree.  That was to keep it healthy, and while I wanted the steak I had some reservations about it not being grass fed. I did end up ordering the ahi tuna and it was so good I wanted a larger portion as my main course!  Deciding to be bolder I changed my order to the 14 oz. New York strip with the roasted red pepper sauce (most of which accompanied me home to G).
The steak was very nice, enough fat to add flavor, but the chunks of it were easy to cut off and the main portion was juicy.  The potatoes were your average potatoes, nothing special about them.  The haricot vert were crisp and fresh tasting.  A gentleman of the group had ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir (he too had the steak) that went perfectly with the meal.
Forgot to take a photo of dessert, so this photo is from

Dessert was included in the cost and I chose the always delicious candy bar.  I took two bites, ate the ice cream and then asked for the rest to be boxed up.  I was extremely disappointed however to find out when I got home and opened it to share with G that while they had boxed up the main bar, all of my delicious marshmallow fluff, which pairs beautifully was missing.  I have e-mailed the restaurant to let them know, because it really wasn't as good.

Overall it was a fantastic experience, a good meal, with people whose company I always enjoy.  There is nothing more chic than a night where the conversation is lively, the company great, and the food delectable.  As I drove off I thought to myself, "I will survive this city on my own just fine."


  1. Everything looks divine! I wish I lived closer to Baltimore. Sigh!

  2. Your meal looks fabulous! Good for you for being in control of your portions and enjoying the rest at home.