Friday, January 28, 2011

So Lucky

I have to admit that lately I've been feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.  G and I have been "dating."  What this has meant for us is that neither of us has been wearing our rings (though we've each worn them out to a few social occasions to keep from being grilled) and are acting like silly fools in love again.  You see, we never really "dated."  He came home from tech school, we spent a couple weeks together, then he proposed and flew out the next day to England.  I saw him for a long weekend that Christmas, he came home in May, and we got married 4 days later.  We were both sure we were doing the right thing, but looking back we both sometimes feel like we didn't do it the right way.  I've felt like we missed something from that time we could have dated, and G feels like he's lost when it comes to planning dates because he's never really had to.  But we've been working on that. 

We've been doing a ton of coffee dates, as well as actual dinner dates.  G's brought me flowers and hair pins (I had looked for them days before and he kept checking to surprise me with them).  He's been paying more attention to things I say and I've been biting my tongue and watching my words more.

And he's been cooking more!  The best part about this is that he's told me that he appreciates my cooking more.  I laughed and said, "It's not as easy as I make it look?"  He smiled and said, "No, not quite."  For soup the other night he roasted the chicken (his usual job) but then also picked all the meat off and after I broke the bones he made the stock.  He watched me make the noodles so that he can do it next time.  And he's been making his signature pasta dish (with broccoli, pesto, paper thin potatoes and chicken).  In fact, he downstairs doing that right now.

I lay curled up with him last night and I told him that this month is going to be amazing but that when it gets back it's going to be even better.  Clean slates.  We both agreed that after experiencing this relative peace and love lately that the last few years feel like such a waste.  Like we wasted precious time.  No more.  We're going to really start trying to do this right.  I can't wait to be like newlyweds again when he comes home to me! 

That's months off, so tonight I'm just enjoying that G is in charge of dinner.  Now it's my turn to wonder, who is going to make this dish once he's gone?  I've never been around him when he makes it!


  1. First of all, you are very lucky to have a man who will help you prepare stock. I'm going to bring that up tonight at dinner...

    Honestly, I hated dating. At times I wished I had an arranged marriage so I could avoid all of the nonsense. And then I met Mr. Wonderful, who was actually a friend I had known and respected for years. When we "dated", it was more like connecting with an old friend and discovering hidden depths we hadn't let each other see before.

    I think it is much more satisfying to date your spouse, who already knows all your pedestrian habits and traits, and truly loves you anyway. My husband has yet to ever give me flowers, but he gives me safety and security, and - for me - that is the most romantic of all.

  2. How sweet! Really life is too short not to savor every minute. Have fun dating and definitely enjoy that dinner!

  3. I'll cook for you! It may not be any good, but I'd still do it. Of course, this means that you would have to come live with me for 6 months, but we could take little excursions to Charm City to escape :p

  4. After shy 4 decades of marriage I know that if you love someone you make time for them and tell them how special they are. One need not get in a rut.

  5. Just found your lovely blog all the way from Spain. Lovely post; love the way you are turning the clock back :-)

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    Happy weekend ;-)

  6. I've been thinking about this post randomly and it just makes me happy that you seem happy!

    Happy Monday! Conquer the week!