Thursday, January 27, 2011

French Date

Last week while G was off we hit up restaurant week in historic Ellicott City and went to the French restaurant I raved about before Tersiguels.  It was a 3 course meals for $21 a person for their lunch time, and very well worth it!  I started out with their restaurant soup,  broth made from when they poached butternut squash and filled with veggies and a drizzle of herbed oil.  It was delicious.  G got the pate that I got last time we came. 

Then for our main courses I ordered their bouillabaisse, a variety of seafood (salmon, a white fish, mussels, clams, shrimp and a lone scallop) on top of squid ink pasta in a broth.  The pasta was slippery and gave me so much trouble, in the end I just gave most of it to G and enjoyed the seafood.  I am not used to having difficulty with food and so I got a wee bit irritated with my noodles!
G ordered their chicken salad--- roasted chicken breast with asian pear, pecans, goat cheese and endive.  It was tasty and we plan to recreate it at home!
For dessert I ordered the creme caramel, forgetting that I didn't take a photo last time either.  It was yummy as always paired with red currants.  G went bold and ordered their homemade ice cream, which that day was coffee.  When it came out it looked like this:
In ice!  Beautiful, it kept the ice cream cold and unmelting the whole time he ate it.  The coffee ice cream with a bite of red currant was delicious beyond words.  G enjoyed the crispy cinnamon wheat thing on the side.

Overall it was a pretty nice time.  We sat and drank coffee with dessert, and just enjoyed a lazy afternoon.


  1. What a great presentation for the ice cream. I have to remember this for a dinner party - especially in the summer.

  2. Wow ALL OF THAT looks amazing. I'm drooling!

  3. What fun to have a French date night! The food looks fantastic especially the squid ink noodles, yummy. I'm glad you two had a great time even with all the snow around. It's beautiful!!

  4. I should not have read this on an empty stomach, with nothing Fab to eat for lunch (Arg!). I love your snow storm images, very nice!