Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Novel Idea

I really, really love to read.  And a point that nearly annoys G is that I am a quick reader (he says my eyes move quite quickly and it's interesting to watch me reading).  I never realized this before marrying him.  I assumed that everyone who enjoys reading and has the time for it could read several books in a day.  Hmm.

Last year Missris had a goal and achieved it of reading 52 books.  In fact it was supremely helpful to me because it gave me some book recommendations.  I used to read tons, but easily can turn to the computer to watch a show or read a blog instead.  So, in an effort to rev up the amount I read again I think I should set a goal for this year.  I'm going to say that I will read 200 books this year.  And to keep me honest, in copying Missris I will also post about them occasionally.  The ones that were "eh, okay" will get grouped together in posts, and the ones that were amazing will get their own little review.  I say little because if they're amazing I don't want to spoil them for you!

So to start this out I will tell you about a phenomenal novel I just read, A Reliable Wife.  It takes place mainly in Wisconsin around the turn of the century (beginning in 1907).  The back of the paperback I picked up reads:
"He placed a notice in a Chicago paper, an advertisement for a "reliable wife."  She responded, saying that she was "a simple, honest woman."  She was, of course, anything but honest, and the only simple thing about her was her single-minded determination to marry this man and then kill him, slowly and carefully, leaving herself a wealthy widow.  What Catherine Land did not realize was that the enigmatic and lonely Ralph Truitt had a plan of his own."

The novel is full of twists and surprises.  Each character is not really all that they first appear.  And I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I even enjoyed reading the interview with the author at the end.  It was Robert Goolrick's first novel and a quick read not because it's short (it's an average book at 291 pages), but because it flows along so beautifully you keep wanting to see what is around the next corner.  If you're on a buying freeze or just prefer to not buy books (I luckily found mine at a thrift store in brand new condition for less than $2, though it was one I looked at at B&N), I would definitely check the library for a copy!


  1. Great recommendation! I can't remember if I read A RELIABLE WIFE or listened to it on audio, but I loved it. Can't wait to see what else you post about.

  2. That's a great goal for the new year. Last year I think I read more of fiction but I'm a non fiction kind of gal. Would like to check out The Reliable Wife sometime. Currently I'm reading The Shanghai Girls and it's a good read so far:)
    Here's my last years list:

    Foreign Tongue: A Novel of Life and Love in Paris

    The Happiness Project

    Sarah's Key

    Monsoon Diary: Reveries and Recipes from South India

    Matters of the Heart

    Talking About Jane Austen in Baghdad


    The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry

    Practically Posh

    Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit

    The Goddess Guide 2

    Eat, Pray, Love- this book was a slow red for me, three months to finish! Liked the movie better, though:)

    Cheers to reading more books this year!

  3. Yay I love to read and this is an excellent idea! I'm totally going to write down your book and scope out the library--I am ALWAYS looking for new things to read.