Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Great Deal

I was looking for a top coat to help my Vendetta polish last, and I knew I probably needed a good base coat too, since I like dark nails.  Well, the other day at Trade Secret I picked up a winter set (Pack Your Winter Coat) where it had both the OPI base coat and top coat for the price of one, $8.50.  Only when I got to the counter it was half off, so I got both for a quarter of the cost I would have paid for them if I had bought them individually.  I came home, did the base coat, let it dry, did a coat of vendetta (the purple shows up better with just one coat, and yet looks good), and then a top coat.  A few days later and still no chips!  So what's a girl to do, other than go back and buy 4 more sets?  I basically spent $18, for what normally would have cost $68!!!  I saved $50 and with my love for dark polish it will all get used this year.  If you have a Trade Secret near you I urge you to go look for this deal, it's quite frankly amazing!  And at least at my store, the place they put them is low on a side few people really look at, so there were still plenty even after my splurge tonight. 

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