Thursday, January 20, 2011


I think this is going to become my favorite made-up acronym.  S.B.S. = Slowly but surely.  So tonight in an effort to make our bedroom more of a retreat, less of a drop things right there because you're exhausted I've been re-organizing our bedroom with what we have for now.  We still have our antique full size bedroom set.  After G gets back we'll be upgrading to a queen with a latex matress (we're saving our pennies) and different side tables.  But tonight even the small thing like making G's bedside table look nice was a pick me up.  
The lamp is the one I won from Young House Love while living in England, with a bamboo style base.  The water carafe is from Pier One. (side note:  Does anyone else get frustrated with the quality of things like these, I swear we visited 3 Pier Ones, several times over and over, messed with hundreds of glasses and carafes until we found one that looked good and sit straight?) Candle is a vanilla clove mercury glass one we bought on clearance after Christmas from Target.  Books are 'Real Food', and Edgar Allan Poe Collection, and our Catholic Bible.  And then the little glass dish with a G etched into it deep?  Picked up for maybe $2 at a thrift store and it's always on the bedside table to collect cufflinks, G's pin from his uniform, our rings, etc.  

I'd still like a bedside table of my own, but for now at least we have a neatly done one for the room.


  1. Vanilla clove sounds like an awesome scent! I always have books on my nightstand too. xo

  2. This is a great collection and suits what I'm guessing is an eclectic esthetic. I especially love the thrift store glass dish.

  3. Debby, I won't mention that I had to hastily arrange some because normally our pile is toppling onto the floor....which is sooo not classy.

    Rebekah, we definitely both have eclectic tastes....usually traditional with a twist. Our home is a complete mash up of at least a dozen styles, but it works for us. And I just about died when I saw that dish it made me so happy. Oh, and I guess G likes it too, lol.