Thursday, January 20, 2011


Never show your husband something you're undecided about that you know he might like.  He will.  And he will make it clear that that is the one (of whatever you're looking at)!  We've been debating bedding for when G gets home.  We didn't feel in any particular hurry.  We knew that we're upgrading to a queen sized bed, so we wanted a king sized duvet cover for the look we like.  We knew we had picked up royal purple sheets at Wal-Mart that both of us love enough we're going to get a couple more sets (currently the one set is used for the air mattress for guests).  So we were basically browsing the last few months for a style.  I like white and fluffy, but obviously that can get dirty easily and we have a labrador who likes our bed and sheds.  Not a good combination. 

I really like DwellStudio bedding, and thanks to their line at Target we've come really close to picking up several sets, but always weren't sure.  Of course they're normal sets are gorgeous as well, but at over $300 dollars for a king duvet set it was completely out of our price range.  The most I was willing to spend was $200, and I preferred closer to $150.  So when I saw DwellStudio's Etching bedding I was kind of sad.  But I goggled it to look for reviews and instead found that ABC Home had it on final sale for $160 for the king size set!  We debated it for over a week and tonight I finally decided to go ahead and purchase it.  After all, G's in love, it suits my black and white taste, it looks traditional with a twist, and will easily be made softer with a fluffy ruched pillow thrown on. 
We obviously bought it whoa ahead of time, as I'll be sleeping in the full bed until G returns.  (Even if he builds the bed base beforehand we'll be putting the full mattress set on it for the time being.)  But it was a $150 savings on something we both liked, so it can get put up until it's time to be used.  And we're also getting this pillow to put on a chair in our room because I'm in love and it mimics the etched style while being completely different in theme:

Do you ever buy something for 6 months or more in the future? 


  1. The bedding is reminiscent of Edgar Allen Poe: classy with an edge. I love it!

  2. Yes, which is apt with us living in Baltimore, where even the football team is in honor of him!

  3. I usually buy items at least 2 seasons ahead. I find that it's the best way to get good deals because i hate paying full price for most things knowing fully well that at some point it might go on sale :)

    xoxo Hermine