Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out of Commission

I had written out different posts for this week by hand, planning to actually make it easy on myself this week.  But I was able to get an appointment at my doctor's today for my tailbone, and it kept me wrapped up long enough I haven't been able to post a thing.  I go for an MRI tomorrow to check to see if it either hasn't healed in nearly a year or worse....if it's healed wrong.  It clicks, it's obviously not right, so I'm praying it's something easy to resolve.  

I will say that after my doctor's appointment my husband and I had a lovely lunch and were able to do some thrift shopping (because sitting anywhere was not a smart option, so we walked around places).  At the Salvation Army I picked up an ornate gold framed corkboard that is huge, measuring 30"x45"!  I'm planning to put it on the wall across from my kitchen island as a place to stick up recipes, photos of food, love notes.  I also was able to find a handful of books, including Freakonomics for $2.47.  I was looking for this book the other night at the store to no avail and today we found a hardback copy in like new condition.  And of course we found some random things, including a white spaceship bank for G (well, for our future kids, but of course he's gonna steal it in the meantime).  

So for the third day in a row I'll be getting up early early and heading off with G.  Hope everyone is having a phenomenal new year so far!

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  1. I hope that it is an easy fix with your tail bone.