Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dressing In A Hurry

I have a fairly substantial wardrobe.  I've considered downsizing it in an effort to streamline my options, because I had heard from others how much easier it made getting dressed in the a.m.  However, I am a girl who loves fashion, loves the possibility of finding something she forgot about owning.  And this has happened more than you would think.  We are just now unpacking many of the boxes from England, and that includes boxes of clothing an accessories.  I think if you have limited space you really should try and work with that space.  I am fortunate to have quite a bit of room for my clothing.  But I have done something over the past year or two that makes getting dressed in the a.m. a cinch.  I've streamlined not my closet, but my look.  

What I mean is that I'm pretty familiar with myself, what I like, what looks good on me, and what can be done to certain pieces to make them better fitted.  It has allowed me over the past year to really begin adding to my wardrobe pieces while sticking to a look that accentuates who I am.  I love black not because it goes with anything (although it does) but because it shows off the paleness of my skin.  Same for navy and deep greys.  I also wear green from my coat to a favorite dress.  And I tend to stick to natural fibers, mainly cotton, silk, cashmere/wool and linen.  I find them easy to care for, and luxurious against my skin.  For "look" I usually am dressed a little "fancier" than the average housewife.  I don't notice it, because I go for comfortable, wearing jeans and a fitted tee is not abnormal for me....I simple dress it up with cute shoes and sparkling jewelry or pearls.  

I also have stopped relying on numbers.  I have no problem sharing that I have a red top that I love (I even wore it to the aquarium when my best friend was here) that is a size small.  To deal with my desire to not show too much cleavage I layer it with a lacy tank.  However, last night I bought a silk camisole top from the thrift store in a beautiful navy blue.  It's from the same store, and it's a size 18.  I literally own nothing else in that size (other than what is getting donated), and I almost didn't try it on, but I thought, "that looks small" and slipped it on.  It's brand new, still with tags, and G said it looked beautiful.  My point is that you never know when a piece will run small or large, so make sure to be open to trying on various sizes.  Sizes are not consistent, even in various items from the same store (for reference I usually buy mediums and 12's from this store).  You have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone of a number or size.

So in the morning it's simple to get dressed, and I often do it in less than 10 minutes.  I know that almost all my bottoms will top well with all my tops.  Then I grab a favorite necklace or two and throw on a pair of shoes as I head out the door.  For shoes I always keep in mind two pairs that will work so that if one is lost or simply doesn't work, then I have an instant back-up option.

Do you have tips for keeping a wardrobe that is "you?"  Or tips for getting dressed easily in a hurry?  Please share!


  1. I have a pretty boring wardrobe but I try to dress it up with cute earrings, scarves, and shoes. I figure the basics never go out of style and accessories are easy to find at cheap places like Target and vintage stores. Accessories are key!

  2. I am always running late in the morning because I am NOT a morning person and I get up at 5am to get to work on time (ouch). As I am going to sleep the night before I usually plan out my outfit in my head. Then in the morning I know what I want and just toss it on quick and I'm out the door.

  3. My wardrobe is pretty small, volume wise. I can't cope with having too much choice, I'm happy having a few set outfits and just rotating them. If my wardrobe gets too full, I feel a panic coming on and have to clear everything out!

  4. My wardrobe is vast by French standards and tiny by American standards. Like you, I have a found a handful of silhouettes that compliment my shape and lifestyle, and it makes getting dressed very easy. Every top I own (which are quite a few in different colors, shapes and fabrics) goes with every skirt (all a-line) and trousers/jeans (all boot-cut). Since I primarily wear neutral-colored clothes, the real dilemma in the morning is if I want to wear a scarf and which one.

    My hair is cut in a style that is flattering to both my face and to my hair temperament. I've accepted the fact that it doesn't matter how long I blow dry/tease/curl/force it into a unnatural shape, it will always go back to homebase. That's saved me about 20 minutes in the morning.

    Makeup is usually the same; the only thing that varies is rouge and lipgloss, and I keep those in a little makeup bag I store in my purse so I can decide and apply on my way out the door.

  5. Nice post!
    I have a pretty small wardrobe,even by italian standars (I was talking yesterday with a friend who has about 6 puff coats in different colors - I have only a black one)but I have taken lot of time to select what I really love and what flatters my shape.
    By now (I am 36) I have learned that I'll never be able to wear certain shapes (empire waist is one of these...) and that I look better with structured clothing. And I now know the colors I love that look good on me.

    This is not to say from time to time I don't like to try on something new, like a different shape of pants or dresses. But I am so selective, most of the times these items go back to the rack!

  6. First of all, I will take your hand-me-downs... as I am ready to burn everything I own... (just about, it's just all so old!)
    As far as getting dressed fast, I am a sucker for dresses. They rock, are so flattering... and when you find one that is perfect you should buy it in as many colors as you can.