Monday, January 24, 2011

Real Lunch

Paprika roasted chicken, potatoes (that were under the chicken), peas with butter, an apple, an orange, and apricot (not pictured because I ate it while heating up the potatoes) and some leftover coffee with grass fed half and half and vanilla sugar.  I haven't actually eaten the orange yet because I took a nasty fall down the stairs leaving my rear swollen enough that you can no longer see the bruises....that had shown up immediately.  

Now if you're a stronger person than I you simply find a comfortable position and lie there.  Unfortunately after I was able to get up off the landing (this took a bit, I couldn't move at first which induced quite a bit of panicking on my part), I crawled upstairs and lying on my side proceeded to call G and sob until I was no longer understandable.  I think it's because I had been scared more than I was willing to admit and it just kind of bubbled up.  That being said because of falling on an already hurt tailbone area G came home an hour early and brought with him this:
I've been desiring a Mexican coke for days and so G swung by a local cafe on his way home to get me one.  Not exactly healthy, but at least it uses real sugar!  Almost makes the fall worth it.  Okay, not really. 


  1. Your lunch looks much better than my two soy corn dogs that I sorry about your fall. Maybe some ice packs would help?

  2. I love Mexican cokes. I haven't had one in too long. I am going to plan on one soon. Also, love your nail polish!

  3. wjew! I'm glad you're alright from your tumble!

    And a special feel better treat? How sweet!

  4. I fix a version of your lunch for dinner once a week. There is nothing so homey and loving as a roast chicken in the oven!

  5. First off: I'm glad you're ok. I hope that cyst hasn't ruptured.

    Second: Your clumsiness knows no bounds. :* And of course you'd get spoiled with real Coke.