Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flying High

Last night I attended the BlogLove event here in Charm City at Load of Fun Studio, put on by the lovely Kristin and Chris Ann from LoveFeast.  As you know, I was a bit nervous (and so very thankful for that glass of wine handed to me on arrival!).  But in the end I saw a few people I had met before and adore (like Miss Donna from Relevant), and even met a few people that I thought were absolutely fascinating.  I'm thinking I may be getting the hang of this meeting new people thing (well, except for the rambling I tend to do).
Moi, Donna, and Ashley
We watched Mara Neimanis (who owns In Flight Theater) perform some artistic and interpretive trapeze, as well as a couple of her students who worked together on a single swing.  It was really interesting to see someone so passionate about their art, how they feel sort of lost without it.  I am considering taking some aerial classes once my body is healed up.  
 These are the students, Mara didn't capture on film except as a blur because of my itsy bitsy little camera and trying to film quickly w/o flash!
Joe Squared (voted Baltimore's best pizza) provided pizzas and risottos.  So delicious I was in heaven.  And then as a sweet finish, Golden West Cafe provided to die for banana cupcakes (like a sweet banana bread really) with cream cheese frosting.  So good, I politely asked to grab one for G.  He was very appreciative!  
There were swag bags, with some local treats.  I am absolutely in LOVE with this necklace made by a local artist who uses vintage tins to make jewelry.  I am going to  have to check her out....her store Studio C is super close to Clementine's and Zeke's Coffee!  I was torn about her jewelry because I love old tins so much (I would probably hoard them to just hold stuff if I weren't terrified of hoarding), but I think it's an awesome way to preserve some beautiful pieces.  You can also check her out on etsy, here.  I'm wearing my necklace today actually (photos later). 
Unrelated to the swag, I had won my choice of item from Our Daily Chocolate (one of the girls I think is amazing, who I met at Relevant) from BowMania a while back.  I finally remembered to e-mail Ashley and say I would love a silk hair rosette, and if she could, would she bring it to BlogLove.  I then promptly forgot about e-mailing her until she showed up with it last night.  Needless to say it was love at first site.  Ashley also provided a pair of earrings to each attendee last night!  
Urban Halo provided each of us a gift card to purchase one of their headbands.  I'm torn on which one to get, I'm especially loving some of the bright and bold patterns.  With all the neutrals I wear I need something to pump it up!

And then I got super lucky and was drawn to win one of the new Gussy clutches that she collaborated with Kristen and Chris Ann on.  Super cute and will come in handy when I want a bag I can throw on my wrist with a few items and not worry about it.  I love clutches, but so many of mine are hard to hold when I'm mingling!
The whole night was amazing and about finding your passion and making it a bigger part of your life.  It has given me a push to really start creating more.  I have so many files on my computer of tutorials of things I want to make, from pillows to curtains to jewelry, etc.  And the silly part is that other than items that require sewing, all of them would be simple to do and extremely satisfying.  And on top of that I have my own list of things I want to do/make for our home.  I had bought a canvas way back in May for our anniversary to paint a poem on, but it never got made.  I finally shared another idea I had for it with G and he said he thought it was even better than the poem, that it would be perfect for our home (and it will be coming up soon on the blog, I want it done by the middle of next week).  I think with all the stresses of moving to a place that didn't feel like home and then having all my marital issues finally come to a head I just kind of let the part of me that loves to create kind of hide away.  I had too much on my plate, and felt incredibly inadequate in so much that I just sort of gave up. 

So my biggest goal for while G is gone is to really knock more and more off the things to make list.  Of course it's a never ending list as I'm always adding to it.  But it will be nice to really start feeling more me,  to get back in touch with my very artistic side.  The night was exactly what I needed and I am so happy I went!


  1. We are so happy you came as well!! What a great recap~ We are so glad you were inspired to create!! Thanks for joining us at #BlogLove ~Chris Ann & Kristin

  2. Thanks for joining us at BlogLove!! We are so happy you came & left inspired to create!! What a great recap! Chris Ann & Kristin

  3. Great recap and great to have met you last night. I can be a little shy in person but I am looking forward to getting to know you better through your blog.

  4. Great review of the evening! It was very nice to meet you!

  5. I guess you are one of the lucky ones because my Daily Chocolate items were a waste of $30+. Two of my earrings were broken and the cheap posts scrap my ears. Ashley explained she had to use cheap stuff to keep up with demand and said she would replace them. 3 months and many messages/emails, later I haven't gotten new ones. She finally responded when I called her out publicly that they were delivered a month ago. No apology, no proof of delivery confirmation, no response to my other emails either. I'm frustrated to say the least. She refuses to refund me as well. Ugh... at least you had a positive experience. All I have are 3 paira of useless earrings and a half dozen emails promising things that didn't happen. I get no response if I contact her privately either.

  6. Sounds like a great time was had by everyone. A lot of bloggers are getting together here in the Nashville area next week.I am new to blogging so I am having to learn a lot.Really like your blog!

  7. I, too have let the creative side of me dwindle in the last few years as work and other things seem to take over. The projects I have done in the last year (patchwork sacks) have been done quickly and for a deadline (Christmas!) so I didn't really get the enjoyment I usually do from them. They felt a bit like a 'job' and I was very pleased to have them finished - which shouldn't be the attitude!!

    One of my NY's goals is to have a project on the go, to do in front of tv or in evenings. Even if I just do 15 mins on it, a few times a week, it will fufil my aim of doing something creative and of course, as each project is completed I'll get to enjoy it in my home! I'm not setting and goals or targets for completion, as I don't want to make it a chore, but I am excited to be back 'creating' again!!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your different projects as they get made!


  8. Wow, that sounded like a fantastic evening with so many wonderful people and their creations! Enjoyed your informative post very much! Love the little clutch! There isn't much I find as satisfying as making something by hand, so I really need to make that more of a priority for myself as well. Bess

  9. Oh I was already so bummed to miss Blog Love. I mean what could be better, babes who blog, art.. cupcakes..swoon. Hopefully I won't miss the next one. I'd love to meet ya!

  10. City Mouse, I enjoyed getting to chat with you a bit. I'm shy in person too, it takes me a bit to really get out of my shell and chat!

    Rebekah, It was great meeting you! I felt like I didn't get much time to talk to you at all! But I'm sure I'll see you when I make it up to PA.

    Kaira, I'm so sorry you're having a hard time with that. We'll have to chat!

  11. Alicia, Thank you! Checking out your blog and your products now! I love natural body products, even did a whole series on natural products last year.

    J, That sounds like an excellent goal. I think sometimes I feel super pressured to finish these crazy ideas I come up with. Yours sounds much more manageable!

    Bess, having something you made by hand really is so satisfying. I'm not sure why we as a society have gotten so far away from that. Some people think I'm crazy for cooking from scratch so often, but it brings immense satisfaction, the whole process.

    DiPaola Momma, I would love to meet you too! If not at a big blog event, maybe getting a group of bloggers together for coffee.

  12. Kalee, you look fabulous!! Glad you got to go and meet new people. I have to think about my creative side:)

  13. Love it! So glad to hear it was wonderful :) Oh and by the way you look great! :)

  14. Ack! I want a cupcake so bad now.

  15. Looks like so much fun! Love that necklace you won too!