Thursday, January 13, 2011


I know that over the time I've been writing this blog I've been a bit more adventurous in the kitchen than some people think is sane.  I've done frog legs and pigeon and even chopped up a rabbit.  However there are still some things that intimidate me.  Tonight I conquered one of these and roasted a whole fish. 

You see, it started out such an innocent little trip to Whole Foods to pick up some more milk (grass fed whole's delicious and we drank a whole half gallon in days).  While walking towards the milk section we stopped at the fresh fish section.  There he was, Fred the whole, wild, fresh caught local rockfish.  He was glossy eyed, all bright and clear looking and he smelled like the ocean rather than fishy.  I asked the lad who works there what to do with him, it sounded simple enough and wouldn't require buying any extra ingredients.  So I had him descaled and wrapped him up to go.
I laid him on aluminum foil, stuffed him with beautiful lemons (even slicing into his flesh to put some there), onion slices, butter and thyme.  I forgot to salt and pepper him, but that's easily added at the end.  Wrapped him up and stuck him in a 350F oven. 
He smelled delicious as he roasted.  I made smashed balsamic red potatoes to go with, and some green beans.  Simple meal.  Time to just enjoy natural tastes and textures.  I now want to try other whole fish, like red mullet.  (it's used in a lot of my french recipes.)


  1. Now this is something i MUST try pretty soon. It looks so yummy and my mouth is just watering over here :P

    xoxo Hermine

  2. I love doing fish like this! Lemon, herbs, butter and in a foil "pouch" and off you go! My favourite thing about it (apart from the taste) is that once it's in the oven I can prepare the salad and other accompaniments, or just sit down with a book - but it's a easy cooking! I have never tried it with a whole fish though (I prefer to have the hard work and mess of the head, tail etc removed before I have to get started!) Do you think keeping those things improved that taste at all? I'd be interested to know!