Thursday, January 13, 2011

Step by Step

I've been trying to update the tally of running on the sidebar soon after I've done anything, and today I was proud to say I have run over 20 miles these last 8 months.  Definitely not as much as I wanted to, but after yesterday I am positive these next 4 months are going to be a breeze.  

I did a mile on the treadmill yesterday without stopping.  I know for some this is no huge feat, but lately with my feet I haven't been able to keep running the whole mile, I usually have to switch up running with brisk walking.  So there I was and I told myself I could stop at half a mile and get a drink (I get super parched running) but instead was able to signal G to pause his treadmill and run me over his bottle of water (which he doesn't drink while running).  I would have done more than a mile, but I made it to a mile, stopped to stretch and made a huge error when I bent over to reach behind my calves and heart rate dropped too quickly, I got lightheaded and then had to run off to be ill.  

I nearly thought that was the end of my little workout, as I came out and realized all the treadmills were taken.  I spent a few minutes torturing G by bumping up the speed on his treadmill (I tend to play trainer when I go with him).  But then I thought, "I'm bored, where next?"  I jumped on a stair climber and did 14 flights of stairs quickly until my thighs began to burn.  And finally an elliptical opened up and I jumped on and did a half mile on that before G finished his 5K.  

How did I get through such a *grueling* workout?  (hey, it was a little grueling!)  I decided that since I put on about, ahem, 10 lbs recently that it was time to finally drop this last 40-45.  And what better way to do it than while running envision a list of items I could purchase as I hit different markers.  The list is most definitely not finished (I'm rewarding myself every 5 lbs), but this might actually be fun!  First up, once I've lost the first 5 lbs. is an OPI nail polish (I'm thinking the Ski Teal We Drop I've been stalking).  I'm hoping to have that by February 1.  We'll see.  The end goal is the green silk dress, but I told G that I'm not splurging on that until I've lost everything and maintained it for 2 months (I'm an excellent maintainer, but I want to make sure the weight loss is the right weight for my body).  

Have you ever tried a rewards program in increments like this?  I'm actually pretty dang motivated right now, and after yesterday I'm confident that I can begin running a few miles every time I'm at the gym, coupled with pushups and weights done at home.  I see some new JBrand jeans and Agent Provacateur pretties in my future!


  1. I've been hitting the treadmill lately too! What a great idea... I've been lusting after getting some new lacy things and having a goal number might be the perfect reward!

    And good for you for pushing it to a mile!

  2. I just bought my BIG reward dress for my weight loss from Kate Spade. I am still wanting to lose 10 more pounds. When I get there I am going to have to come up with a reward. But I LOVE your idea of a big reward at the two month mark. Brilliant.
    I have been away from the gym since before the holidays. I am getting back there tomorrow. YOu have inspired me.
    Hooray you!

  3. I'm jealous - running in winter is such a great activity and so good for fitness and losing weight! Unfortunately I am in HOT summer here and even walking is too much sometimes! Your fitness plans sound awesome! And the reward system sounds well planned - much better to aim at the small goals than the final big end number! But what does this green silk dress look like??