Wednesday, January 12, 2011


For Christmas G got me three things:  The Penguin Classics cloth covered version of Little Women, Erotic Poems by E.E. Cummings (I love this poet), and Chanel nail lacquer in Vendetta.  He bought me the nail polish because I've been stalking it for months, but at $25 for a nail polish I couldn't justify it.  It's a deep, deep purple, nearly I like my dark polishes.  So I looked elsewhere for something comparable to no avail.  I honestly never expected him to get it for me. 
image from You've Got Nail

Well, he did, and this past weekend I put it on (my nails all broke down as short as they could possibly go over Christmas) and I'm in love.  At casual glance the nails look black until the light catches them and a deep royal purple glistens.   I'm a dark nails sort of girl.  I never imagined I would be.  I thought it was too trendy, too "emo."  But I picked up one dark blue last summer and suddenly it was love.  The way it highlights my pale skin (the same reason I ignore any urges to dye my hair blonde) is quite lovely.  And with a name like Vendetta it puts a little edge to my day. 

Do you wear dark nail polish?  Would you ever give it a go? 


  1. ooh Kalee it's lovely! What a beautiful colour!
    I love dark nails too...but mine are in shocking condition right now. They kept breaking (cold weather/hot water i think...) so I cut them super-short. Going to condition them a bit and hopefully be able to paint them pretty-like before long ;)

  2. My nails have been breaking below the whites of the nail this winter. It has been so dry that it doesn't take much to make them split/break. Have been trying to put extra lotion on them and massage them. Seems to be helping. I like the color of your new polish, although since I'm in my late (very) 50s, I wouldn't be able to wear it myself. My boss would think I'd gone over the edge! :o) Bess

  3. I wear a Chanel dark purple polish during the Fall months. It adds a little bit of edge to my classic wardrobe. I tend to wear only 3-4 colors of nail polish throughout the year, so I don't mind "investing" in a high-end polish like Chanel. It feels luxurious each time I open up the precious bottle.

  4. Like you - I thought the blue/black trend was a bit too edgey for me. But about 18 months ago when Dior and Chanel brought out their first blue/black nail polish colours I thought "right! It's a mainstream trend now! My work can't think I'm crazy if I wear it!" and went out and bought some. I love the way it looks, but I do find I am still a bit cautious about wearing it at work. People do judge you on how you look - and I don't want to make my life harder by having my nail polish impact badly on me before I even start..... Maybe I am too cautious?? But this colour looks awesome! I may have to get it and add it to the collection....

    PS - I love the three gifts G got you for Christmas! It juts shows how three thoughtful different gifts are better than a swag of less well chosen things - or all the same things! One Christmas everyone gave me books. Now I love books - but because I had so many I was crying out for something - anything! - different!