Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goal Updates

Last year around my birthday I posted a list of petite goals.  I also made a goal to run 250 miles this year and have been keeping track of it in the sidebar.  Well, I figured it was about time for an update. 

The running started off great.  This summer G and I would go run around a lake and enjoyed the time together.  Then my foot happened and while I continued to try and make it work, I ended up making it worse.  I was told I would need surgery eventually.  Instead I backed the heck off.  I'm confident that my condition is reversible as long as I take it easy and slowly stretch my tendons back into looseness.  At first I simply though I was in denial, but it's been very successful!  I actually spent all day Sunday in boots (my favorite shoes that my feet caused me to have to retire), and at the end of the day my feet hurt no worse than normal from heels (where they ache on the balls of your feet).  So I'm slowly easing back into running again.  I told my doctor I had a goal of 250 miles and she looked at me like I was nuts and said it was a lot.  Whereas I looked at her like she was nuts.  Fair enough. 

As for the petite goals, I still can't knit worth a lick, but I'm signing up for classes for when G is gone.  Tap dancing is out until my foot is much better.  Homemade vanilla was unnecessary this winter (I have a ton of Nielsen-Massey), but will be getting made this next summer in order to sit and really gain strength.  Homemade mayonnaise is going to be attempted for our early Easter dinner sometime next month.  Still haven't made a single pillow, though less from lack of wanting to and more from having an entire computer folder of ones to make and not sure where to start!  We're ordering new bedding soon, and I'm planning to make a few pillows to add some feminine touches and punches of color. 

Still eyeing violins but realizing that dropping 3 grand on a violin would mean 3 grand not going toward an adoption, so I'm debating it and think I'll just save up longer.  I will eventually have a nice violin, but I'm in no hurry, I need to work on scales and getting my fingers limber again before dropping that sort of cash.  We never did make it to the orchestra, though I have a gown picked out that next year if all goes well will be made to order for my measurements in a beautiful emerald green silk.  G doesn't own a suit (still, I know!) but we'll be having that done as well, and we also plan to buy him a simple black tuxedo at the same time.  And I already have it written in my planner to check beginning early next November for some very lovely seats to see The Nutcracker ballet. 

I started an etsy shop.....and then never listed anything in it.  But in an effort to downsize my stash of items I will be listing some before G leaves.  I also have plans to open a handmade etsy shop in an effort to raise more money towards an adoption.  Look for that to happen later in the spring.  I have citristrip to strip our black coffee table (I painted it last year, but didn't love it).  It has beautiful wood and so it's going to get stained a dark espresso brown.  I also have a children's kitchen that we picked up recently that G and I will be rehabbing and making cute (right now it looks like a 1980's Montessori reject), and then I plan to sell it to raise money.  See a theme? 

The time during G's deployment I will be squirreling away as much money as I possibly can.  The goal is to have my student loans paid off before next Christmas, and to have put away about $10,000 towards the adoption.  It's a huge goal, but one that I think is entirely possible.  The more we can get squirreled away, the quicker we can begin working towards bringing a child home.  Our dream is to a year and a half from now be parents. 

So there you have it, a very not greatly met update.  However I've put a lot on hold for health reasons, and now to make sure I have plenty of time to spend with G before he leaves.  I've learned an important lesson this year and it's this:  to cut myself some slack.  And on that goal I think I'm doing quite well.

*I wrote this before yesterday's events.  I think that giving myself a break and just taking care of myself and my husband rather than trying to be a renaissance woman has helped tremendously this year on both regards.  


  1. They all sound like fantastic goals - you absolutely deserve a break, too!

    This may sound super random, and of course ignore this if you want, but I would love if we could connect on facebook as well as just commenting on blogs. I feel like I "know" you more than simple blog commenting limits.....

    oh God, I'll stop now :-) Ha!

  2. Kalee, earlier I commented on another blog: "Do what you need to do to get through." That seems to fit here, too (nothing illegal or immoral, of course). You've really had a lot to cope with, and I think it's great you're cutting yourself some slack. Sometimes we just have to adjust and let go of some things so we can deal with what we have to at the moment. And then pampering ourselves every now and then is helpful, too! (Sorry to sound so preachy. I suppose it's my age, but also a desire to help people.) Bess

  3. I love hearing an update on your goals. I am a big believer in setting goals and tracking progress. To me it is not so much about perfectly achieving them all by the date I set, but about getting started on them and doing more than I would have done if I hadn't have set the goals.

    I often discover that a certain goal doesn't have any meaning anymore, or that I no longer want to achieve it. In cases like that I think it is sensible to change or delete the goal. So they really are moveable goal posts to guide, rather than iron clad goals!

    Well done on achieving so many of yours!