Monday, May 10, 2010

Petite Goals

For this year of changes I'm coming up with a list of things I want to do.  Of course at the top of the list is become fluent again in French.  I love the language, and since I think in French so often (as well as the occasional dream) it should be fairly easy.  But I do have a few other goals that have come to mind that I will share here:
* Learn to knit well.  I can do a scarf, with one stitch.  Sure, it looks pretty, but in the end it's not very accomplished, and as the women in Jane Austen novels I wish to be accomplished.  I know there are some knitting stores here in Baltimore that have classes, so I plan on signing up.  My end goal is to get good enough that I can knit some alpaca and cashmere blankets for our home, and perhaps a sweater or two for myself.
* Take tap dancing classes.  I have no idea how to go about this, and perhaps I'll just have my brother teach me a bit, but I love dancing and think this would just be fun!
(Image from Style Me Pretty)
* Learn some basic cooking skills, such as making homemade mayonnaise, homemade vanilla, and hollandaise sauce.  I'm trying to learn to do these so I can make as I need.  For instance, we only use mayo to make deviled eggs, so a jar tends to get wasted in our home.  If I could make just enough for what I need then it would be great.
(Image from A Quiet Little Life)
* Learn to sew a pillow or two.  I love throw pillows for our living room and bedrooms, including frilly girly ones (God bless my husband).  Instead of spending $100 a pillow at some fancy schmancy store I want to learn to do it myself.  I also plan on making some silhouette pillows and painting some patterns for some as well. 
(Image from Love The Music)
* Save for a new violin.  I want to have my fingers fly again, and I want a nice violin on which to play.  I'm considering eventually playing for friends' weddings and such, so I want something that has a beautiful sound.  

*Attend a full orchestra opera in a ball gown.  I'm planning to buy G a tux for theatre and opera occasions, and I want a ball gown.  Thank God I know some designers who I am going to have sew me one divine!

*  Start an etsy shop.  I have so many antique and vintage items that I love but simply don't have the room for, nor do they fit into my home.  I wanted to stockpile them like a Martha Stewart store room, but I've come to the conclusion that perhaps it would be best to sell some.  Vintage pyrex mixing bowls in a rainbow of colors, British tea cups, even a spare vintage pram, I have a whole gamut of things.  What money I make is going into a savings account for when I want to purchase a big item.  

* Finish a few projects.  I have furniture to paint, jewelry to make, and dolls to sew for the niece.  I am the queen of partially finished projects I admit.  And I'm bored with it, so I need to just finish them.  Especially since it includes some furniture I am re-habbing to sell!  

This is only a partial list, it goes on and on and on.  But strangely I am not overwhelmed, just excited to see how things unfold.  And yes, J, I will be updating as often as I can (and I'm journaling to remind myself and keep myself accountable to such!).  I look forward to sharing what I learn as I go along.


  1. Also, homemade vanilla is super easy (just takes time to develop flavor). If you're looking to save money, buy the beans on ebay.

  2. Check out for tons of free knitting patterns. You can see how other people's version of the pattern came out, and what yarn and needles they were using, so it gives you a good idea of what the patterns will look like, realistically. This site alone took me from being a 1-stitch scarf knitter to making my first sweater (baby sweater, but maybe I'll make a big one eventually). It's also great for tracking your own progress!

  3. i took tap classes last year after abandoning them in my pre-teens. So. Much. Fun.
    However, I moved recently (umm January) and am yet to find another class locally! This weekend though, I have fallen back in love with tap and am encouraged to hunt out some adult beginner's classes again. How weird that you were thinking the same!
    Good luck with the rest of your goals! xxx

  4. Opps! - am I too pushy?? Sorry! It's just that you often mention doing something, or planning to do it soon, and I think to myself, 'I must see how that turns out, because:
    a) I am thinking of doing it myself
    b) I am doing it myself and am interested to see how other people are doing with it
    c) I am just interested!

    I will curb my enthusiasm - I promise!


  5. Wow - I don't know if those qualify as small goals! :) You are inspiring though, now I want to make a summer goal list! Only 4 weeks and 4 days left (who says only the kids count down??). Of course goals will mostly need to be accomplished during nap and bedtimes, but if I focus I can get lots done. Hopefully. :)

  6. Girl I can't wait to see your ETSY shop you and I have very similar taste. Also I think you should know that Target right now has The Keep Calm and Carry on throw pillows that look amazing.

  7. I envy you know how to play the violin. It's my favorite sound of instrument and in weddings it couldn't be better! Also, it's great you had the opportunity to learn as I had to stop playing when I was in the 3rd grade:(
    Love your other goals, you can do it!