Saturday, February 19, 2011

First Flowers

A little bit later than I meant, I finally made some flowers!  At 2:30 this morning.  Hey, I was up!  So I cut little circles and singed them while sitting in bed watching G play on his iPad.  I happened to have some random pearl sitting in a dish in the bathroom (no idea from what) that just happened to match the flower.  So on it was sewed. 
Then I had some random scrap and decided to try and roll it into a flower shape (I had to sew it because I haven't found my hot glue gun yet) and then I sewed it onto a hairpin.  It actually looks quite pretty in my hair, so I think I'll wear it today!

And I have the white sweater all set and ready to be sewed, so it should get it's own post this weekend!


  1. Will you make me a flower? I've made a singed fabric one but I haven't rolled one yet. Both of yours are lovely & I'd love a Kalee flower or two.

  2. Beautiful, Kalee....if you ever end up selling these, I will be one of the first to buy one...or two. It's so feminine and luxe looking. You are a crafty girl!

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