Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh Hey There

I haven't weighed in for weeks.  Haven't been to the gym.  We're supposed to go either tonight or tomorrow because I want my teal nail polish and I want it bad.  So I'll be off to see if I've lost 5 lbs.  I guess because I'm so uber casual about this I just don't care.  I've reached this odd point where I know that I can lose the weight if I want.  And since cooking for one is easy as fish, veggie, potato this should be simple.  So I'm not stressing about this while we prepare G for deployment.

But what I find hilarious is that I'll look and notice, hmm, my thighs are more flat.  And I won't have noticed because I've stopped looking so much.  I'll ask G and he'll smile at me like, "Yes, you silly little fool." and say yes, they have.  I'm usually so obsessive that I think he's a little startled that I haven't noticed.  However, amusingly enough, I've been more obsessed with his weight.  G doesn't like to waste time in the mornings eating breakfast when he could be snuggling with me, and unfortunately lately neither of us has had a huge appetite so I've noticed he's gotten too thin.  I've challenged him to put on muscle weight while he's gone, and we've talked about how to deal with chow hall choices.  We've even discussed what condiments and spices he wants me to send to help with food.  And he'll be telling me what they have so I can come up with ways to tweak it better.  It sounds odd, but other than being away from me, the only thing he is dreading is the food. 

I'm excited to see the weight come off over the time he's gone.  My biggest goal is to have changed just enough that he won't recognize me.  I've told him I think it will be fun to sit at the airport and watch him look for me.  He won't be reading this blog, so he won't know what's going on, but you my dear friends and readers will!  I will be posting about the weight coming off.  As well as some other fun things.  I'm considering getting extensions put in for some more body/volume, dying my hair, eyelash extensions, etc.  And while I edit my wardrobe I'll be sharing the process I've chosen to use, and how well it's working.  The end goal is to be healthy and happy so that G and I can continue this amazing life we've finally begun living again.  (Oh, and to be sexy as hell when he comes home.  A girl's gotta look good for her returning airman!)

And I'm curious....if you could try one new/crazy beauty idea, what would it be?  Fire engine red hair?  A super chic bob?  Crystal studded eyelashes? 


  1. He really won't read your blog at all? Why not? Steve doesn't read mine much but if he were away I bet he would follow it closely, just to feel more connected.

    Kudos on the weight loss. That always feels good!

    If I were to pick one thing I always think looks fun & sassy, it would be bold, pink hair. I'd not do it but it looks fun.

  2. He's not reading the blog precisely to stay in touch. This way we e-mail daily and I can tell him what I want him to know. If he was reading the blog he'd know what I've been up to and it would be less fun to get my e-mails and our rare phone calls!

  3. I always find that when I stop obsessing, I lose weight...and it feels effortless! No matter what the scale says, it sounds like you're happy in your own skin, and THAT is the most important part. A happy girl is a pretty girl!

    In terms of a beauty idea, I would dye my hair. I've been blessed with good color and natural highlights, so I've never played with color. I'm holding out on until I absolutely have to take the plunge. Isn't if funny how, as women, our hair is such a statement?!

    All the best to you and G as you prepare for his deployment.

  4. The crazy beauty trend I would try is wearing orange lipstick. It is all the rage right now, and it really compliments alabaster skin and the camel-toned clothes for spring.
    Alas, I do not have alabaster skin (too many Gaelic rosy tones), so the practical side of me will skip the orange lipstick.
    Maybe I'll just dye my hair Gwen Stefani-platinum instead!

  5. Gotcha!

    I rethought my beauty trend. I would like to try define smokey eyes but they have yet to feel right. I do love the look.

  6. I love really bright red lipstick. I bought one today that is *boom* bright. Now I just need to work up the courage outside the house ;)